Challenging Test nodes

having finished most of the stuff I need to in terms of farming. I’m looking to do some more squad building and testing
I’m looking at working more with Irisviel( as she’s my lowest bond servant and most of my casters are bond 10 now) primarily and looking for somewhere really challenging to test squad combos out - basically as close to a cq as i can get. Anyone have any suggested nodes?

Irisviel (Prisma Cosmos) + Cas Gil (2030)+ arts damage dealer - Lancelot, Kuro, Vlad, Bride & Ryouma etc is the test squad

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  • Camelot - Great Temple: ~10K/20K/197K and 183K Ber/Cas
  • Camelot - Sovereign Castle: 72K/76K/204K Sab
  • Babylonia - Observatory: 17-23K/21-36K/187K and 118K Sab
  • Shinjuku - Top Floor: 14-15K/26-27K/283K Ass + Sab boss
  • Shinjuku - Imperial Garden: 19-21K/28-31K/401K Cas
  • Agartha - Palace of the Dragon King: 10K/11K/344K Rider + Arc boss
  • Anastasia - Anchor Point: 17-18K/22-24K/53K/56K/211K Lan


  • Babylonia - Cuthah: 20-27K/43-66K/273K Great Ghost, Ass
  • Shinjuku - Kabuchikou: 12-16K/14-17K/50K x2 + 240K Ass + Ber boss
  • Anastasia - Stronghold: 10-12K/20-21K/133K Ass + 160K Nyalter

I just looked for the chunkiest I could possibly find across a variety of classes and all.


Cheers TY. I wish there were some more challenging nodes but I guess what I’ll do is either use neutral or class disadvantage dmg dealers.

I feel you (surely you’ve seen my complaints about wanting to replay CQs/story battles outside of Annis).



I agree with this 100%

On Camelot there is a Node with a 200k health Spriggan Saber, YT creator Lily Aquina tests Lancers there. To beat it you need to either kill it quickly or survive its crits long enough to kill it.

On Anastasia, there’s a Shadow Atalanta Alter + a NotHydra with over 160k health each.

On Shinjuku, there’s a 400k health Caster Demon who likes to both reducing crit damage and your np damage, for non Riders it’s a damage race.

Camelot’s Royal Castle is always there with its 2 waves of 70k health mobs before its 200k boss.

Thanks I’ll add to the list the ones that hasn’t been previously listed.

I’m working my way through the list. I’ll do some more when AP refills later. Been very comfortable so far even with class disadvantage. Initial impressions are:
Fairly confident Irisviel + ce that actually makes up for her abysmal np gain like Prisma plus Casgil is a viable pairing. Though when hans gets his strengthening I kinda think he’ll be a better choice instead of casgil.

Have you finished the side story in Salem? If not the final arrow is really good as a testing node. It has Asterios and Euryale both with break bars and gimmicks. Just make sure to not finish the fight so you don’t lose the node.

I finished and cleared salem + free quests the week it came out sadly. What I’ll do more is use the summer cq’s for testing as well.

Unfortunate. Its a solid fight and I always reccomend people to keep the node. But its no biggie, the nodes that others have already suggested are pretty good too. Make sure to keep an eye out for future interludes, they may have fights you want to keep instead of clearing. Another one I have kept is the Lartoria fight in Mordred’s most recent interlude.