Change ivs or not

Hi guys, i finally can +10 my brave edelgard after saving since January but sadly none are +attack but i have quite a number of them that are +defence. For arena purpose, +defence is her superboon but +attack can be better to one-shot enemies so should i change or not her ivs via the iv fruit?

  • Change to +attack
  • Stick to +defence

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Do you really need to try to one shot enemies even harder when her attack stat is already insane?

I’d go defense.

And even then I’m more likely to take a resistance boon over an attack one in this case.


Go Speed I dare you


If you personally only like +Def because it’s a superboon for Arena, keep in mind her BST bin doesn’t change so she won’t score higher with it. I’d keep +Def anyway since I prefer this Edelgard to be more defensive. I went with +Res. We also don’t know how common the Fruits are gonna be, so you may judge after the update and the details are out. I’d recommend spending them on Grails units or 5* units you use/like a lot but have clearly suboptimal boons/IVs.

She has follow-ups on both phases against any enemy that doesn’t deny them (if she’s healthy enough), unlike the Legendary alt, so she also doesn’t need to one-shot that much, especially if one wants to use Galeforce with her.


I have 1 or 2 that is +resistance but i have not merge any of them yet

I have +resistance so i can change to it as i have done any merges yet

There is one that is +speed

Being the Edelgard fanatic I am… and also aiming to +10 her the next time she shows up… (at least if it’s a skill banner, L/M banner it will depend on who’s in the Green pool) I’d personally go +Res to help her mix bulk better since DC is better on her than DW

I have +resistance, but i apparently cannot change the poll if it is over 5 mins

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Yeah I vote +Res and just use DC

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