Chansey Raid

So Chansey is a Tier 4 now for some reason…

I saw this and I had some afterthoughts:


At first glance, I thought Chansey was soloable as a Tier 4. But then I made some comparisions:

  • Shiftry had 121 defense (Less than Chansey’s) and it was possible as a solo because it had double-weakness to Bug-type attacks and the rain made it possible. However, Chansey doesn’t and it has 7 more defense than Shiftry’s though.

So I tried the solo by using 2 Lucario and I’ve failed. Then, I tried the duo instead. Pretty easy one:

The DPS looks similar to Tyranitar’s raid. I think it’s because Chansey’s attack stat it’s so miserable. But I’m sure there’s so much mispread information.

Any thoughts?


Chansey really falls into that “boring” class of raids. It’s impossible to solo, but a fairly easy duo. It seems somehow appropriate for the pink blob.

That said: great observations, and nice duo video! For those of us who haven’t gone out to tackle this raid ourselves, seeing an actual attempt with great counters really goes a way towards anchoring theoretical performance in fact. Thanks!


Thank you so much! ^-^

A far I’m observing, in average, for a Tier 4 in order to be solo’ed (Reaching 50 DPS):

  • It needs to be at least 113 defense in order to do it without weather boost.
  • 136 Defense if it sports a double-weakness with weather Boost (Depending on it’s type counters).

Tier 4 it’s an interesting field. Niantic throws random Pokemon on this kind of Tier, or sometimes upgrades some others in order to make it in that Tier. Anyway, the best source it’s ourselves ^-^