Chaos Season - Bonus Mythic Unit

So… for this season, do I gain any advantage by using Peony over a season 1 unit? (Yune, yes, since it mentioned “failed defense”, meaning we want Yune on the defense team).

Reading this it doesn’t look like it makes a difference between Peony or the V1 units, but can anyone confirm if I’m right or not? (Disclaimer: I’m tired and was on the red eye flight this morning!)

For ref:


Don’t think it matters at all, but at least peony is actually a pretty good dancer and support unit.


All bonus units are treated equally on offense.

The corresponding season’s bonus dark or anima mythic is your only method of lowering lift lost in defense.

So yeah… Peony doesn’t matter for this season, but Yune does.


Like they said, any bonus unit will work. But I’ll add that to get maximum lift you also need to get a kill with a bonus unit. And since she’s a dancer, Peony probably won’t be attacking much. So you might want to consider bringing another bonus unit for that purpose.


Thanks guys.

And yeah halo, I was thinking the same thing and why I didn’t want to bring Peony. Trying to get her to kill something seems quite ridiculous. Gen 1 units trying to kill a team of 5-6 is going to be hard enough.


So… Chaos season ISN’T a way to handle the stupidity IS has released, but rather their vain attempt to sell more mythics (defensive ones anyway).


Not really, since bonus defense Mythics reduced Lift loss in the other seasons anyway

And merges on your Mythics don’t even matter in Chaos from what I can tell. It’s actually less incentive to pull since once you have one copy getting more doesn’t matter for Chaos

Plenty of high ranking defenses are forgoing Yune altogether because she’s so shit


Until her refine that adds 3 column isolation and guard to her C slot, and adds bladetome, guarantee/deny follow up, and Res based DR to her weapon…

That’ll fix it, right?

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