Chapter 11 & Book V story discussion

Well chapter 11 is out and I wanted to talk about it and hear your thoughts :smiley: Warning, spoilers ahead !

So personally I really like this book. Characters are engaging, the new story is interesting too. It’s nothing revolutionary but we definitely came a long way from Book 1 lol ! Making Eitri the true bad guy, the twin sisters and their fun personalities, Otr’s death, really some good stuff. The only dumb thing is the “OMG Reginn was the true princess all this time?!” That was really dragged for too long. But I really liked this chapter, Fafnir’s design is awesome and I like the confrontation with Otr at the end. His death is also well done imo, I find it fitting that he is killed by Fafnir, after all he has done. I really look forward to seeing the end of this story, and what they’re preparing for the next one :smiley:

Also something that had been mentioned in the forging bonds is interesting :


I haven’t finished the last event yet but they discovered a book that says Askr is at the heart of all fights in the nine realms? Wonder if that will have an impact later on

So, what are your thoughts about chapter 11 and book V in general ?


Made me realize why I like Otr
He kinda deserved his death for being so stubborn
But that part of weakness and why he did it was great
And all the Fafnir thing is neat
I still feel it’s a silly story, but I’m way enjoying it more than book 4, I hope IS doesn’t ruin it


I do really hope they expand more about FEH lore as I think is such an odd world


I didn’t think they would do such a pitiful character like Otr. It’s incredible that IS choose this route for FEH’s story and I am grateful for it. It’s been years since Laegjarn’s arc that I felt something for this story, and I consider Laegjarn’s fate cheating since as and older brother I understand her position. Without the tyrannical father issue and kingdom management parts, mind you.


Ótr Mythic this month I guess


I really don’t like Book V’s cast, I think Reginn is annoying and maybe except Dagr these new characters have a boring design (the only design from this book I really really like is Fafnir armor/mount) BUT I kinda appreciated Otr plot twist and I felt sorry for Fafnir’s fate. I hope he’ll get a New Year alt or something like that because he suffers a lot in both his regular and “fallen” versions, he deserves a single alt where he’s not in pain. Also, we can assume that Dragon!Fafnir takes a slot for the next Fallen banner and that the lance version will be a mythic unit.

There’s something I didn’t understand about the plot, maybe due the italian translation of the game: is Fafnir from another realm, like one we haven’t visited yet, or is he from another world? Because if he’s from another world… what if he’s from a new Fire Emblem game world? I doubt he’s from Archanea, Tellius, Fodlan etc so what if when we’ll play a new Fire Emblem game he’ll appear as NPC or maybe a random NPC will complain that his friend/son/brother Fafnir is missing? I guess it would be a nice detail, I don’t know. If he’s just from another realm then nevermind


I think they mean that Fafnir is pulled from another version Nidavellir but summoned as a Hero. (kinda like how we have Brave Veronica but “she’s different from the Veronica that we know.” )

It also implies that Fafnir of this “Zenith” is either missing or dead. Hence why Otr is so attached to him and why he wants to return to his home; his original world.

As for Book V, I’m liking that this book is somewhat better paced than Books 3 and 4 though they still suffer from the slow first 5 chapters. While I gleaned from the promotional art that this book was gonna be a tragic family story and saw “Eitri/Otr are actually the bad guys” twist coming from a mile away, the writing was serviceable enough. I do wish that the Jotnar had their own book though cuz they’re characters that were to good for this book. (I wonder why they decided to use them and not say, the Sons of Ivaldi.)

The Forging Bonds this time around is honestly the best part for me though. The clue about Askr being the center for all fights in the nine realms and Though I haven’t finished Hapi’s FB, it seems like monsters are hinted to be something that existed in Askr and could potentially return. (generic beasts maybe?)


Ooh I see, like our Loki is still Loki but from a parallel world and she decided to help us. Interesting

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I like the story but not the cast.

I think by plot design and the twists and turns occurring, it’s one of the more interesting stories, and is so far holding together a lot better than the last two books, while being more complex than the first two. I think they’re really trying to sell a solid narrative.

But I can’t get as invested because I still don’t love the cast. I still find the jotun sisters completely pointless and unnecessary. Reginn was not only annoying at the outset but is now just another instance of “but secretly the good person here was royalty all along!” I did oddly come around a bit on Otr this chapter, but I think I would have appreciated this twist more if it wasn’t telegraphed in like chapter 2. I’m not really sold on Fafnir either. I don’t hate the guy, but it’s a Julius situation where we’ve never really seen him outside of his current state that isn’t really him, so it’s hard to feel much about him. Eitri’s got some interesting stuff but I’m worried it won’t go anywhere because only two chapters left.


I just thought of a really odd theory
But I believe Askr is a magnet of weirdness in terms of how life and death works, I thought of Madoka mágica again, the soul gems where literally that, so I think the summoned heroes’ “contract” is that they can never get too far from the breidablik or else they are going to turn into zombies, not of the eat brain variety, but more like feeling your own body rot if they get too far away from Askr or breidablik
The reason why we still have the heroes alive despite these being killed again and again by other heroes is because of that odd thing in breidablik


Hel: I approve of this message


Considering how FEH’s plots and twists have been since the beginning of the game, this is the better point of the story by far. That’s not saying much, though, since the story has been consistently below average with very few major highlights.

For someone who is genuinely garbage, of all antagonists of the story until now, Otr felt the most humane and the less cliche-like character. Veronica and Bruno don’t really have personalities because they got stuck in the book 2 Askr-Embla conflict, Surtr is a cookie-cutter evil bad guy, Hel and Freyja’s motives were weak, and Loki and Thor are just there.

At least Otr had the decency to be resentful for the rights reasons because his family was used as pawns and everything he did was for revenge. I don’t agree with his actions and he is irredeemable in my point of view, but good grief he did something human, on the evil side of things.

I agree with the Reginn personality. She is Sharenna 2.0… but the Steampunk designs I like. That resplendent Brave Ike… If Lucina received such design instead of that treatment.


I didn’t pay much attention to the story but one part:

Múspell eating Lagjarn alive???


It’s metaphorical. In book 2 Surtr forces Laegjarn to offer herself so the flame of Muspell empowers him one last time.

It also says that one year has passed for her resurrection to take place and considering that every event is part of the canon (yearly summer events, Halloween and so forth), this story I believe it should take place at the end of book 3 or during the events of book 4. It hopefully will explain why Fjorm simply refuses to die during events and perhaps a new empowered alt for both could take place.


Now that Otr is gone, he is prob the new mythic this month and will share with Byleth. Next Month is Blue Legendary sharing with Ullr.


I’m not too fond of any character this book, sadly, and the whole “I want my brother more than what’s healthy” is the second time that happens in a row. Its nice that Otr is not a god like Freyja, but just a filthy person. The designs tho are super cool and the mechanical dragon? Just perfect :sparkles::sparkles:

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I’ll check the Japanese more closely when I play another difficulty. But the thrust of his character is being used against his will, first without him knowing and then by overruling his volition, ensuing identity confusion, and consuming desire to go home which leaves him vulnerable to getting berserked into murderous rage.

I don’t agree because the soul gem (was that really what it was called?) is a visualization of sacrificing one’s soul for some external goal, the power that comes with being willing to sacrifice one’s self like that, and the problem of resentment that emerges if proper care is not provided. Someone like Surtr evidences no concept of self-sacrifice (and likewise a number of other characters).

This story comes at a very interesting point in my life. If this was me just 1-2 months ago, I would have said “Reginn needs to get out of the way and accept that one has totally lost his mind and the guy defending him has gone full evil and they both need to be stopped by force; Otr and Fafnir need to accept that they got dealt bad hands and stop destroying lives of people who bear no guilt for it.” I haven’t stopped believing any of that, but I’m a lot more sympathetic to Reginn’s psychology because I’m in a situation right now that’s scaring a lot of the people who know me, some of them not even that well. I started out being all “my problem my consequences don’t interfere and don’t burden me with your worry” but…not entirely sure why, I changed at a pretty deep level and now I really believe there’s some value to what’s going on in Reginn’s soul. It’s really dangerous how far she’s taking it and how far the others are letting her take it, but the world needs a bit of her willingness to try and love people who have lost their moral/ethical bearings. If someone comes in talking like Otr I’d feel no remorse neutralizing him in two seconds, but irritating as I find it that she’s pleading for someone who wants to kill an entire kingdom with all its people to fill some void in his heart that can’t even be properly filled even if he succeeded in the sacrifice, I don’t hate it completely and outright. Wrong as it is, it’s not devoid of virtue.

In the end, the characters are a bit one-dimensional. It doesn’t come across in the English, but Dagr is a clown. The way her dialogue is written is supposed to be really funny (I definitely laughed quite a bit). She’s a side character, and Nott is even more of a side character who had one role in a subplot that introduced the theme of unhealthy attachments used to try to address some relational and other spiritual needs (ex: identity).

What they did to Otr, though, I do have to say is rather perfect. This is exactly what happens to people who enable abusers because they can’t find a proper way to address their psychological needs - they get, in some way or other, killed by the one they try to use to meet those needs. Reginn “should” have met a similar end if Askr didn’t beat her early and talk sense into her in the critical moment.

I’m liking this book a lot better than the previous one, which felt too fanservicy for me (it felt like the whole book was designed to sell us some skimpy girls with wings). This book still has a bunch of fun service (like for real, what’s the point of the Jottun sisters?), but at least Otr had some plot relevance (unlike Freyr, Hrid, Gustav and a lot of previous male characters).

I’m intrigued to see if we will be able to save Fafnir and learn more from the world he comes from (maybe ours?), but since he is a male, chances are pretty slim.

Like I kinda understand how the Summoner and Alfonse are being constantly hit on. With how little male characters populate this worlds, finding your partner might prove difficult. No wonder Nott asked Otr to merry her, chances of ending up alone if your a girl (or with a girl like Nifl) are pretty high in Feh.

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