Chapter 14 discussion (warning: spoilers)

Now that Chapter 14 has arrived, what are everyone’s thoughts on the chapter and on our new free unit?

As for me, I’m really proud to see Laxi getting a moment to shine. Can’t wait until we see her Gala variant.

Regarding Zena, our new freebie: she’s adorable. I’ve yet to play with her, but from what I heard, she’s also pretty good. Plus, her blind res means she won’t be competing with Veronica, Althemia, or Cassandra in any of my Shadow teams. She may see competition for those with Gleo, though; anyone able to compare the two, since I do not have Gleo?

Finally, Beren hijacking Morsayati’s transfer. Unexpected, but hey, at least the Prince is still fine because of that! Now to see about poor Zethia…

hadn’t done chapter 12 yet since kinda lazy to do so
but surprised when checking a character i found Zena there, so Zena is first freebie 5 star story, not event

I kind of feel sad for Zena. On the dialogue, she keeps calling Euden “Onii-sama”, but freaking Euden does not even acknowledge it nor even address it. He instead tops the conversation by mentioning Zethia.

It was so heartbreaking to read. Specially the under the moon scene. I just hope that Zena, in her own timeline, she can be with Euden and save him. T_T

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Yeah, I agree. So much feels going on there.

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