Chapter 6 review — What do you think about EP06?

Chapter 6 is just around the corner, together with Blaze’s banner! I guess many players are looking forward to know what’s gonna happen after chapter 5, and here it is!
I’m curious how you guys think about chapter 6, and if possible, please leave some thoughts on following questions here. Discussion and Q&A are much appreciated, but for those who haven’t completed chapter 6, JUST NO SPOILERS PLZ.
**• Is the main story a key factor that makes you play/want to play Arknights?
• Among all 7 chapters that have been released, which one is your favorite chapter and why?
• What do you think about the level design, story and music in chapter 6? **
You don’t need to complete the whole chapter, first thoughts are also welcomed! Just feel free to share your thoughts here!

Not gonna lie…I’ve skipped every story interaction so far. And I only vaguely know who’s who in the enemy rank.

I’m basically doing the same thing. Whenever a new event or chapter comes out, I just skip all those stories and clear the stages as fast as possible. :joy:

My initial thoughts on the story for now before chapter 4 was “better than most for its story setting” for only ch 5 and half of ch 4 was memorable for me. Though there’s a bit of bias in that cuz Ch’en ehehe. Haven’t spoiled myself on Ch 6 story yet outside of the memes which mostly tackled FrostNova so my view on the story may change after the fact.

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Totally agree.
When a friend asked me about what happened in chapter 1-4, I was like:
Oh shit, I was grinding 1-7 and 4-4 so many times and yet I still can’t remember what happened in those chapters. :joy:

Rocks. Lots and lots of rocks and stones.

This game is a geology simulator.


Rhodes Island Pharmaceutical Company —— A company that DOES EVERYTHING BUT MAKING MEDICINES. :joy:


Judging from this thread it seems that us people who read the Story are rare ones :roll_eyes:

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Haven’t started Ch. 6 yet too busy farming rocks, sanity, and random loot but…

Story is always a big factor to me when I play a game. Probably because I enjoy reading during my spare time which diminished now that I play both FGO and AK, and will further shrink when SinoAlice comes out sometime today.

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Is it possible to go over the story again? Like an archive section ?

Not a full-on archive like in FGO but, if you tap on any of the story stages, there should be a button beside the “Auto Deploy” checkbox labeled “Story”. You can use this to view any story scenes that played with that scene.

I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m assuming it doesn’t exist in-game, but there’s no way to re-watch event story scenes like FGO does.

Well that’s a bit of a bummer…

The event stories you mean?

Like the main story. I was reading it at one point, but rushed through at some point .

I just want to go back and start where I left off and try to get an idea of the plot.

The main story can be rewatched. Just tap the “Story” button next to the “Auto Deploy” checkbox in any story stage.

It’s only event story scenes that, afaik, can’t be rewatched outside their respective events.

I’m sooooo sorry for wasting your time lol. I’m so damn blind

Nah, you’re good. I honestly didn’t even notice that until a few weeks after I started playing. :rofl:

There’ll be a major update for story playback system and achievement system to go live on EN server. But judging by current situation, it might hit EN server somewhere before the end of 2020.

I enjoy reading when I’m not busy as well! :slight_smile: So I guess the biggest problem, or perhaps the most interesting part for the story is, it’s not voice-acted. :joy:

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I think I’m missing a few crucial parts of the story. Are we supposed to know how the doctor and Amiya got out of the Chernobog city where Ch’en left them? Cause I dont remember that being explained. Also, are we supposed to have already known something about the beef between Blaze and Greythroat?

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