Character builds and gw def advice

Hello, just summoned Tamerine & Celestial Mercedes and wondered how I should build them? A lot of the guides are a few years old so may be out of date. I was planning on using tama with iseria and was guessing either speed + eff resist/health or even a counter build. With c. Mercedes I have no idea… maybe attack/crit?

Also I was wondering if tama and iseria would work well on gw def with ml Ken? Currently my a team is a ras, holiday yuffine and spec tene & my b team is ml ken, elena and the 3rd place I’ve tried kikirat v2, ruelle, ssb and carrot.

Tamarino want to have at least >200 speeds if you want to use her in any PvP scenerios, but she isn’t really ideal because of her cooldown. If you wanna use Iseria with her for ML Ken in GW Defense then the enemies will have a pretty easy time because they could just nuke Iseria and there goes Tamarino as well. Use a flat HP ring instead of a HP% ring for Tamarino since she benefits more from it.

For Celestial Mercedes, she could be use in Aziminak alongside Champ Zerato. She’s a good cleave unit in Arena too, just build her Crit Damage + Crit Rate and get as much ATK as possible and maybe 140-160 spd

Thanks! who would you suggest to run alongside Ml Ken in gw def then?

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Anyone that can help him sustain himself in GW, since other players will most likely be focusing on him the first turn to get him out of the way fast.

So anyone that can heal and remove debuffs.