Character Concept : My dream DBL unit lol

I posted this on reddit as well, but srsly we need this character lol.

Arts Card Held : Strike, Strike ; Element : BLU
Main Ability :- (10 Timer Counts)
So, Are you ready for a surprise? :-
Increases Arts Card Draw Speed by 1 level restores Ki by 50.
+50% to Damage Inflicted for 15 timer counts.
Draw a Special Move Arts Card Next.
Unique Ability :-
Never Judge power by appearance :-
+25% to Damage Inflicted and +15% to Ki Recovery after 15 timer counts have elapsed from the start of the battle. (Cannot be cancelled)
+20% to Sustained Damage Cut for 45 counts from the start of the battle.
+10% to Damage Inflicted for 10 timer counts every time enemy uses an arts card while this character is on the battlefield.
That’s some technique you got :-
Restores vanishing gauge by 100% when hit by enemy Special Move Arts.
Restores 40% of the damage taken after a Combo ends. (Upto 20% of total health)
Special Move :-
Lunging Strike :-
Deals Massive Impact Damage.
Applies Attribute Upgrade “+25% to Ki Recovery” to self for 10 timer counts upon activation.
Special Skill :-
Accidents Happen All The Time :-
Nullifies enemy Strike attack.
Knocks back enemy to long range on hit.
Applies enemy with attribute downgrade “+25% to damage received”.
Randomly removes one of your enemy’s Attribute upgrade.
[Comboable Arts : Special Move]
Z Ability I :- 19% to “Episode: Dragon Ball Saga” base Strike & Blast attack.

I would honestly think that he deserves a Ultimate, no offense.
But anyway