Characters that deserve justice

So there’s characters that some will claim IS shows favoritism toward, like Hector, Ike, and Edelgard (more like 3H as a whole lately but I digress). And on the other side, we’ve got characters that IS has straight up done dirty.

What characters do you think IS has mistreated, and how would you redeem them?

For me, there’s several that could fit here, but I’d go with A. Tiki as being one of the most screwed over characters. Y. Tiki has a resplendent, a legendary, a harmonic, a seasonal, and a colorless alt, all of them being at least decent. Don’t forget if we get more TMS, she might show up again. A. Tiki, on the other hand, has ONE alt… which has aged like milk, at least gameplay wise. Her base version isn’t doing much better, either. :catcry:

How would I redeem her? Give her a duo alt with Nowi. Not only would this be fitting as far as lore goes, it’d also be a nice throwback to that time when dragons were super OP and everyone and their mom built Nowi and Tiki. Make them a colorless super tank that neutralizes penalties. They deserve it!

TL;DR - who has IS screwed over and how would you redeem them?


Do I need to say who?

For me, it’s Leo.

He has 3 alts. Two are Gen 1 and the 3rd is a Grail Unit during Gen 3

His alts haven’t aged that well at all and it makes me sad because he’s one of my favorite characters, and I love investing in him.

It just hurts a lot :catroll:


Apply cold water

Wouldn’t say that he’s completely screwed over, but Frederick is kinda…bad.

His refine is a joke, and his only alt is very meh at best.

If only his refine included Brave into it, that would’ve been so much better. :catcry:

Heck, his axe has Armor effectiveness ; he could’ve been a decent Fallen Edel ‘‘counter’’, barring they don’t run Svalin Shield.


Eyvel and Fiora, who both had absolutely no reason to be 5* locked upon release but suffer daily under the weight of IS’ refusal to demote characters that are clearly awful, or at least break the pattern to give them early refines so they’re not so bad. I just hope they get their due when we finally get their refines in 2025.


Ouch, it’s so rough for Leo fans, I’m so sorry

If theres just one character deserving of a legendary alt, it’s him. Let the man have his redemption arc, IS!


Honestly? I feel Ninian has been treated poorly. From what I’ve seen, she’s fairly popular and I sometimes even hear she could be a legendary. Personally, I think she was shafted during 2020 Halloween, being the back-up to another Y!Tiki alt. I think Ninian deserves another alt, especially after that and that her two versions in the game are quite lack-luster now. What would I say she deserves? Hmm… I dunno tbh, Christmas perhaps? Share a winter holiday with Eliwood and friends?


Actually wait, one other. Olwen. Blue Olwen is the single saddest case in the entire game. Book 1, bad stat spread for her role, eternally outperformed by her common brother who is actively preventing her from getting a refine because literally anything they do would be better for him than for her anyway. While Green Olwen exists, Blade Tomes are awful now and have been awful ever since Lulls and negation of active field buffs became common. Despite being one of the only Thracia units to have more than one form, both are kind of a tragedy, and it’s a shame.


■■■■ let me edit my post I didn’t finish

Absolutely true, Frederick got a very underwhelming refine and a gen 1 alt, oof. I dont think even a resplendent can save him considering all the axe cavs we’ve gotten lately :catroll:

Though I could see a duo with chrom, maybe


Ced, his prf only gives him stats when he’s solo and that’s it. He was meh when he came out, but now he’s pretty much outclassed by young merric, Asbel and Lewyn post refine.
What hurts is that in fe4 he’s the one unit you can’t ■■■■ up even if you try, he’ll either be godly or at least good

It also doesn’t help that he was denied Forseti


I would say that all of the GHB lance fliers specially travant, but for example cormag and heath not having prf and having lances we already have in the normal pool.
Nemesis and DK having shafted conditions to their prf, while DK weapon is now almost useless.
Narcian having awful stats at least has a good refine but is not enough to save him.
Zephiel not having DC on his Ecksachs or in his refine plus the bad effect the weapon has.


H!Sakura. She’s +10 and still useless. 8mt prf lmao.


IS has screwed my life over by taking away my sanity and constantly abusing the fanbase for all it’s worth…

On a real note though, I would really say any gen 1 that got an early refine. Aka Minerva, Eldigan, Lloyd (:face_vomiting: his art is tragic and needs an upgrade badly too), etc. This is sort of a cop out answer since it is generally agreed that older gen units just kinda fail to hold up because IS doesn’t seem keen on Rerefining them.

If I were to focus on particular characters, I’d say 2 come to mind (and yes, bias is definitely strong here):
Mikoto and Rhea (pls calm down, I know 3H rage is at its peak but I have an explanation). So for Mikoto, she is a 5* locked healer with no PRF, same statline but less range than Maribelle, and was put on one of the most disliked banners of all Feh history. I do agree the character selection could’ve been better, but the whole Adrift theme was pretty damn neat if you ask me. Anyways, her inevitable refine will probably make up for it (you really can’t go wrong with Flash PRF), but as of now she’s pretty screwed. Oh, and being able to be pity broken by her sure isn’t that fun for many

Now to explain Rhea: IMO, probably the most neglected character despite their relevancy to plot. Currently, she’s the sidekick to one of the… more controversial alts of all time and…


There is Seiros, but if we’re being real here, the Seiros we got was relatively young and pretty disconnected from 3H. I’d say she’s pretty different from Rhea in that regard even if they’re the same person. Time does change a person after all.

With all this said, I still find it absolutely astounding that Byleth and every lord has multiple forms/alts and Rhea, one of the most pivotal characters (let’s be real, Edelgard would not be the same without her) does not have a playable form. It’s almost as baffling as Ayra and Sonya not having a single alt: you’ve got these waifu money printers at your disposal and YOU DO NOTHING!! IS really is wack.


Yeah, both of them were kinda DOA, it really sucks since I know a lot of people like these characters. Fiora especially since her sword alt ain’t doing much better.


Yeah and she is outclassed in her niche by Guinevere.
Also poison dagger+ I dont know why IS has amazing armor and cavalry and flying counter weapons but little to none to infantry ones.


wait, was my original post still visible? wack. anyways, I reposted an edited version

Honestly, neither was like…super popular by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s still absolutely brutal how bad they were and were still locked to 5*.

On that note though, Florina was like 130th or something overall and exists only in her weak common base form and as a backup to Lynja. Much like Ninian, should’ve been the frontliner. Seasonal Florina when?


Okay, honorable mention:

Ninian being the backup to Y!Tiki alt was absolutely tragic. I know it was to give an excuse for making a harmonic dancing skill, but it is certainly a slap to the face


Even before Guinevere, she was outclassed by everything. The best kit she is able to run is a generic Special Spiral + Time’s Pulse Iceberg build.


Mikoto was actually one of the best parts of that banner tbh. She got unfairly lumped in with the rest of the fates hate circle jerk. Hopefully she gets a nice refine, I’ve personally been waiting to build mine.

Rhea at least might have another shot due to 3H popularity, would be really interesting to see if they release a standalone version of her.