Characters You Didn't Know But Have Come To Love

Just curious about those characters you didn’t know coming into Heroes having never played their own games but have come to love and what aspects caught your attention. Thinking in a looks and personality sense, not in terms of simply being strong.
Basically a thread to gush about Heroes-found favourites.


My first instance of this was Myrrh, who I have now adopted and will not accept anyone trying to claim my darling daughter is not real. When her banner came out, she was the first flying dragon and came with good a good weapon and stats so I went in for this cute little stranger and got her +Def -Atk. Her cuteness grew ever greater the more I used her and her voice lines are absolutely darling. She also stalked me as she got to +7 by herself shortly before her refine and I then +10ed her on subsequent banners. Then came Halloween with her gorgeous costume and adorable lines, her special line Boo! has me squeeing every time about how precious my daughter is.

Only just put summoner support back on my baby so add another 2 Atk/Spd/Def. She works with speed built Nowi trading Hone for Fortify buffs.

Pretty lucky with her forma skills and she has DC/SF from Nagi too.


From the same banner as Myrrh as it happens. I loved her art from the start with the great figure, the playful twirling of her hair, short skit and thigh-high boots. Then came the personality. She’s says a lot that sounds like she’s elevating herself but the way she says it it sounds like she’s just having a lot fun playing a character and is positively giddy in her line about being considered a hero in Askr. Then her Halloween alt does the hot mad scientist look superbly and her lines are magnificent, Ama monster. She seems to me that if she hadn’t been a princess, she’d be amazing looking after and entertaining young kids.

I know form skills are rarely seen but I find it works great on her. I wanted her to be dual phase and didn’t want her self healing to be working only to counter a push skill. On Dagr’s abyssal, she killed half the enemies herself and ended the fight at full health.

She’s also one of the reasons I like doing 4 star merges. I got her off focus the month after her release as +Spd -Atk and as I had her prf, merged her to 4+10. It was using that merge that cost no orbs or feathers that I grew to love her whereas if I’d only had that -Atk 5 star copy, I might never have used her. Then when my original list of merge projects from games I knew was running out, she got uplifted to 5+10, got some good fodder and is awesome.


The previous two were parental and platonic loves, this one is romantic and (caugh)xual. She is my favourite OC due to her noble demon status, she knows everything she does is for evil but knows there is no choice as she and her dear sister cannot escape their father. She tires her best to spare people as she is shown to be governing Nifl fairly after it falls to Surtr’s army and is a good person stuck in an awful position. Then came her summer alt where I truly fell in love (and lust, I’ll be honest). That is the best swimwear design I’ve ever seen. After falling in love there, I decided to merge her new year grail alt and she is awesome which cemented that love.

Didn’t have great luck with her forma as I’d wanted a player phase build but her refine has helped her a lot.

She ate a Geese, Summer Sylvain, Edelgard and Shinon which I think still has her in 1st place for rare units sacrificed.

Tried to merge her but 1000 orbs for +1 over her debut and dual special heroes banners ended that hope. The further two merges were from orb packs.


Honorary mention as I’ve kind of fallen for her summer alt. Never used her base form as I merged Setsuna but I love her cute summer look and her voice but the main point that got me is that her movement line It’s so hot today has what I interpret as a little lusty growl at the end, though whether the hot thing she’s eying is Freyja or Freyr depends on the setting of your shipping goggles (mine are on yuri). She’s my next grail project having just done Leonie.


F!Corrin is my biggest example probably :fgo_mordredthink:

Also Forrest, Altina, and OCs like Fjorm and Nifl ofc


Of course I’m a very large fan of Laegjan, but that feels a bit like cheating.

For me, I wasn’t aware of a lot of Fire Emblem characters since my awareness of games pre-Awakening was pretty limited.
However, some characters that have really made it for me are as following:

  • Eirika/Ephraim: It’s not a secret that I’m not the biggest fan of Sacred Stones. However, having Eirika has my first ever 5*, and somehow accumulating 5 Brave Ephraims, they’ve really grown on me and I’ve come to appreciate their character and dynamic more.
  • Arden: Arden has always been a meme, but I actually used him so much when he first came out and I’m really looking forward to building him once I get more grails. I just think he’s a great and kind of funny character.
  • Ashnard: There are two kinds of villains i like: interesting complex villains that could be the protagonist in a different time, and ones that are just comically evil for no reason. Ashnard is the epitome of the latter, and turns out he’s also a pretty good unit! MWAHAHAHA
  • Hector: Although I played Blazing Blade, I… didn’t actually get up to Hector and Eliwood’s bit. However, with the incredible pseudo-meme status of Hector here (and having a lot of fun with L! and B!Hector), I really grew to appreciate him. When I found out he falls into an almost Achillean trope, I liked it even more. Oho!
  • Minerva: I was vaguely aware of Minerva before Heroes, but when she came to my barracks early on and carried my Flier Emblem (until she was unseated by her baby version!) I really grew to love her. I love redheads and the “dutiful knight gets fed up” trope, and it helps that she’s pretty great to use.
  • Lyn: The Lady of the Plains herself, Lyn is the reason I decided to give the Gameboy FE games a try. Thanks to Heroes, I found myself really drawn to her and how cool she was (even though I didn’t like her OG art), and her Brave version was incredibly powerful on my main team for a long time (eventually replaced by L!Leif).
  • Ishtar: I always had eyes on Ishtar but was never able to summon her. Eventually she got a refine and I nabbed her on her New Power banner, then got a Ephemera copy and started using her a lot! I really grew to like her character (and she’s also a hottie which helps).

Honourable mentions to some wonderful babes that I am glad to be aware of now: Lene, Altina, Leila, Igrene, Arya, Thrasir, Dagr, Freyja, Titania, and Petrine. (Just realized like half of these are MILF-adjacent oops)


I hadn’t played any FE game before FEH so all of the characters were new for me.

I have a crush on FAE, and being able to turn into a dragon-chimken… :ok_hand: :feh_faecheer:
Klein: There is a romantic flair in his design that I really like. :feh_kleinyes:
Reyson: He’s majestic

Don’t know most about them ingame so their personalities may suck


Despite owning some of the games prior to feh I’ve never played more than a few minutes, so pretty much came into it blind. That said top 10 11 Favorites are (sort of in order):


I was not previously aware of how superior Lute is :feh_mlgloot:


Play her game!


I’ve gotten surprisingly attached to Micaiah, partially from how I keep pulling her and partially because I really like Veronica Taylor’s performance as her

Tiki is the other really big one. I knew Tiki from Awakening but I’ve grown to appreciate both her young and adult forms.

I also grew to really like Sigurd and Julia, and I have a little soft spot for Eyvel


Laegjarn, Guunthra, Lene (Through Harm!Dorothea), and Nifl


I had played Awakening before FEH, but her being a great unit in FEH really made me like Cordelia more.

As for characters from games I haven’t played: Seliph, Sigurd, Lex, Lewyn, Deirdre, Eldigan, Lilina, Echidna, Igrene, Leif (yes I really need to play FE4 lol)


I never even knew who this guy was before Feh. And early on I thought of him as that annoying guy who always showed up when you didn’t want him to, much like a lot of people back then. So one day I decided to build him, kinda just for laughs because “funny mustache man that people don’t like.” But once I did and started to read some of his lines, and looked into his character a bit more online I found myself quite liking him. What I like about Bartre most is how in some ways he subverts expectations you may have with him, and in a good way imo. You look at his appearance and how he acts and there’s a pretty clear picture in front of you, a stereotypical “macho tough guy” that I’m sure we’ve all seen in media at some point or another. Big guy who’s all about being tough and strong, probably doesn’t care much about using his head. And don’t get me wrong, Bartre absolutely fits this bill. But there’s more to him than that. He’s also shown to be rather sensitive at times, and isn’t afraid to show his emotions and thinks others shouldn’t be either. And something like this I love, because it flies in the face of those typical “macho man” stereotypes and also just a general notion in society about men and how they’re not supposed to show their emotions because it’s a sign of weakness and stuff (granted definitely a less common thing nowadays, and also a whole other can of worms that I won’t go too much into here). So I like how Bartre goes against that notion because yeah of course people shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to show their emotions. Letting those negative feelings out is healthy for anyone, bottling things up almost never does someone any good. I think Ewan’s FB conversion with him way back when does a good job of showing off this side of him and why I like it.


Another thing I like about him is how much he cares about his family. It’s a simple thing, but as someone who’s very close to my own father, a father who cares about me and the rest of my family it just hits home and is just a quality about Bartre that I like. Speaking of his family, honorable mentions to Karla and Fir too. Bartre landed an absolute beauty in Karla, and their daughter is pretty cute in her own right too.


Arden is not the most complex character but I like him none the less. He just wants to serve his lord and someday settle down with a family, not much more to him than that. But he’s just a generally likeable guy, a real “gentle giant” type. And as my first grail unit I’ve had him for a long time and he still serves me well as one of most used units to this day. Plus he also has meme status going for him :feh_ardenwoke:


While I feels that listing OCs on a list like this is cheating a little, OP did themselves so fuck it buff waifu time
No, it’s not just because I think she’s hot. That’s part of it but not all of it. While her appearance and looks were what initially caught my attention with the Book V trailer, once we met her in the story she quickly grew on me. She’s shown to be kind and compassionate and an honest person. Even though she initially attacked our characters, she quickly owned up to that mistake and started trying to make amends by helping us. And the video showing off her and Nott when they were a bit younger shows this well too. She doesn’t particularly want the throne and she especially doesn’t want to fight her own sister who she cares a lot about. She’s even willing to call out how stupid and BS that tradition is, especially because she didn’t want the throne. There really was no need for their mother to make them fight over it, Dagr would have been perfectly happy with letting Nott ascend to queen once they were older. But their mother was like “our traditions, our ways” and crap and forced it on them for no reason other than it being tradition. Which is really stupid, so I like how she called it out for being stupid and tried to do something about it instead of just accepting the situation for what it was the way Nott did. Another thing I like about her personality is her sense of humor. As soon as she started teasing “Alfster” I knew I was gonna like her. Now unfortunately due to being a Feh OC and how this game handles its writing, Dagr liking won’t get super fleshed out beyond this in the long run. Once Book V is over she’ll probably pop up in places like FB similar to past OCs have, and probably will get an alt somewhere down the line (may RNGesus have mercy on my orbs when that day comes) but I don’t see her getting much in depth characterization beyond what we’ve already seen. Which is unfortunate but also hardly an issue unique to her. Most Feh OCs have this problem due to the games writing. But outside of the conclusion to her and Nott’s battle for the throne subplot and potential ramifications of however that concludes, we’ve probably seen most of what she’ll have to offer in terms of character. But that aside back to why I like her. Because of course there is still her design too. I like buff ladies. I’ve made that no secret. I find strong women to be attractive. So when I first saw Dagr (and Nott) I was immediately interested in her for that. FE doesn’t have a lot of physically strong women in it (well, ones that actually look the part. Looking at you Effie) so seeing that we weren’t getting one but two buff beauties for book V was a treat for me.


Now I knew of her before she was added to Feh, but that was my proper introduction to her and when I started liking her. Before she was added to Feh I simply knew her as some important lady from ancient Tellius who dual wielded Ragnell and Alondite. So I always figured she was probably kinda a badass, but that was about it. Once she was added to Feh not only were those details elaborated on, but I realized she’s a pretty attractive woman. Those abs are great but I do wish she had a bit more muscle on her, particularly her arms. She’s dual wielding two great swords that are basically as big as she is, swords that most people would probably need both hands to use one of. So Altina should be freaking jacked smh. But that aside she is still nice looking, a badass in universe and her winter alt has also been great for me.

Honorable mentions

Fjorm: She’s pretty, not much more to it tbh
Nott: While I prefer her sister more, the other Jötun sister is still very good looking too


Ares is the better example, never played his game (and never will play) but I love this guy to death, It’s kinda up there with Zelgius for male characters for me, so I’d say he’s second place


Almost anyone from Binding Blade, Genealogy, or Thracia I met first in FEH. The biggest ones are probably Julia and Sophia. I adore those two based on interactions in FEH but they really don’t have much going on in their home games. Lachesis was another big one but I actually liked her in Genealogy.


I played every FE games before FEH so not really any chara I didn’t know… but FEH made me play more with Arden than I ever played in his base game, and he is actually really nice. The follow-up ring is welcome for him.

OC are a bit of cheat but I like Helbinbro because he is such a tsundere with a heart of bro, he was the only thing that lifted book 2 for me.


I had just started playing right before his banner and I remember thinking he looked cool (I especially loved his floof lol) and not knowing anything really about summoning and what was smart I kinda just went for it. I ended up getting him and falling in love with his play style. I liked his character more and more and he’s now my favourite Jugdral character and one of my favourite FE characters as a whole. Still use him to this day and trying to merge him up for years now but he just avoids me :fgo_jeannu:


Similar to Lewyn in that he was released right around when I started playing. I had just discovered the special maps tab and saw that I could get him by beating his map. He looked really cool and I was instantly just like “ok I like this guy. I need to get him”
I tried so many times with my like, level 1 units but I just couldn’t do it lol. Had to get him with grails when they were introduced


I remember being faced with my CYL1 pick when I first started playing and not knowing I could save it until I knew better, I redeemed right away
I didn’t really like Lucina too much and didn’t really know who anyone else was but I thought Roy looked neat so I picked him. I haven’t regretted it. I summoner supported him and used B!Roy for everything. He quickly became a favourite and I never looked back :feh_nino: I have plans to build OG!Roy when I’m able to get his resplendent but for now just having all the Roys will be enough :fgo_ereshwoah:

Pent and Louise

I had no idea who they were until they got their bridal alts. I thought they were super cute and they both seemed cool on their own so I liked them. Don’t have much to say for them I just think they’re neat

Honourable Mentions

I’d give my honourable mentions to
Quan and Ethlyn

Also OCs ig

Hrid and Laegjarn are probably my favourite OCs. I just think they’re neat lol


I knew about all the playable characters in the franchise (except Mirage and warriors),but I don’t remember every villian like a Mustafa so I already have a bias before units debut,I will tell you this though I wasn’t a Brady fan at all,but feh has given me a new found respect for his character so I love him now(his lines are :sob:).


Honestly I want to try him out myself because let’s face it :neutral_face:…he doesn’t get any action in fe4 outside of castle sitting for a few chapters till his stats inevitably fall behind making him a liability even with increased avo. feh has given him some nice lines along with a voice actor thats fits him perfectly.



Never played her game, but the forging bonds and other alts conversations warmed me up to her and led me to read her backstory.


Never played RD but loved the dual effectiveness from the start, and learned late how insane she is against cav lines.


Tragic inferred backstory and a personality that I identify with very strongly.


Surrogate mother to two tortured souls damned to live with their worst memories for eternity, working only to save them from their past and reunite with the only person who ever showed her unconditional love. Ouch… Damn lifetime movies…


So I don’t know how many people will be surprised by this, but -


I played New Mystery of the Emblem for him. I fell in love with Legion as soon as I got him in his Grand Hero Battle. I spent so much time trying to get merges for him that I barely finished his infernal level in time before it ended because I wanted to see more of him. Legion is a lot more complex then he’s given credit for, especially because he was only made to be canon fodder. Granted, I know a lot of the depth I gave him is just me wanting the best, but I genuinely feel he’s a character who actually has a lot of potential and I want to see more through alts (if IS will ever give me one of him).


I’m a sucker for tragic villains and Reinhardt has “Tragic Villain” written ALL over him. He’s such an interesting take to the trope of “man who is loyal above all” and I love seeing his realization that he is more than his loyalty and he’s allowed to have feelings. Reinhardt is now popular, but I really think it’s nice he gets the attention he deserves now, even if it’s memes.


Okay so I know how I mentioned in Legion’s that I played New Mystery for him, right? Yeah I never got far enough to get Xane. Or anyone important. I really love Xane and all his quirks, and Reinhardt shows I’m a ■■■■ for characters who have tragic events happen but don’t like to talk about it.


I never played Binding Blade or anything, so Bramimond was a lovely surprise. As a nonbinary person, I latched onto Bramimond instantly, relating too hard to the whole “lacks gender” aspect. I rarely see nonbinary characters treated as powerful beings - it’s usually done for jokes, and I pretty much cried seeing that we finally had a character in FEH who had pronouns just like me. I know that Bramimond is technically the void and has no person left, and that they/them only is not the pronouns used in Binding Blade (iirc Bramimomd is referred to as he/him and it/its), but this character is very important to me.


I played Tokyo Mirage Sessions for her!! I love her character as soon as I got her, and what really sold me on her was her Mirage, Virion. I love Virion so much, his character means a ton to me, and seeing him look so good along with what might as well be his daughter makes me happy. Ellie is so much fun and I enjoy watching her go.


Remember how I said I have thing for sad men who try to do what’s right but their actions only make things worse? Yeah. I think that explains how I feel about Hardin to a T. He tried to do the right thing, but his heart shattered when he found out his wife doesn’t even love him…

Honorable mentions: Narcian, Seteth, Gatekeeper, Helbendi, Arden and Black Knight


Bram was formerly male, and as such is referred to as he once or twice. Afterwards, in game, is referred to as they/them.

Bram is pretty damn cool and ground breaking around the time FE7 came out. Bram mirrored the personality of whomever they talked to, and their image was a reflection of the tactician you played as (a precursor to how Robin ended up looking.)