Charge TMs from battle league

Never thought I’d be out of charged TMs being that they appear so frequently, but with the rocket event I went through and tmd almost everything I had thinking “oh I’ll get more from GBL”.
No such luck so far.
I think I’ve gotten more fast TMs than anything. Does anyone know if they changed the rewards up? Anyone had a similar experience?

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Personally I’ve always had bad luck with Charge TMs; I can never have enough of them. The exact same thing that is happening to you is what’s happening to me, but I’ve been experiencing it ever since GBL was a thing. The rewards themselves have not changed (Silver Pinap, Sinnoh Stone, Fast TM, Charge TM); it’s really whether RNG is having a good day or not. Sadly, all we can do is keep winning at least 2 battles per set for 5 sets every day. Eventually you’ll get those TMs.

I had the same problem: in 2 days, I obtained 0 charged tms (only useless fast tms and sinnoh stones)
During season 2 I recieved a lot of charged tms, but now I seem to only get fast tms
I think they changed the rewards, but I don’t have evidence about that

Hahaha, same problem here! But: I got some charged ones from the end of season reward and one or two from the GBL3 rewards, so ok. But yeah, be the case that you get fewer. Which is fine with me cause there were too many charged and not enough fast last time.

Well they definitely changed the encounters, and they kinda suck. I could’ve used Machop earlier, but now, no. At least I got a 98% Pidgeot as my first encounter of GBL S3. And a 92% Treecko, too.

Yeah they definitely flipped the rarity between the two TMs. I’m still getting nothing but fast, despite the opposite last season

Same. Come on … I still need like 3 more because of the moves update haha

y’know what I take it back. I went 3 days in a row with no charge TMs from GBL; it seems like I’m exclusively getting the other three items at an equal rate. I smell something fishy, and I don’t think it’s the upcoming Magikarp CD.

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Today I got one charged. Seems like approximately 1:4 (and half half TMs vs other items)

I’ve definitely gotten more Fast TMs (I always play GBL for premium rewards) in Season 3 – RNG or not, this was much needed. And after two seasons of (5) Charge TMs for (4) victories in premium GBL, I have a nice stockpile, so the switch to Rare Candies for (4) victories benefits me personally.

Fourth day; not a single charge TM in sight after 100 battles. I’ve even reached rank 8. So yeah, if they are available still I just have crap RNG.

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They’re not coming from Premium rewards either. Stone cold, Niantic :joy:

I don’t think you have bad luck. I got only 2 Charged TMs after 125 games, probably all from the end of season rewards

So I suppose the drop rate really has been nerfed then? Looks like I lost the only reliable way to get CTMs now… I’m gonna have to go back to raids again.

I suppose that’s it for GBL for me then, I’m not gonna play any matches till next season.

Yep. Guess it is way lower than my approximately 10 percent. Might be 2 percent. Still ok, because we will need some fast TMs soon and at the moment I have still less than ten

I got just one today and one yesterday. For now, I guess I’ll stick with mons with fewer charged moves to pick from like Cherrim, Whiscash, Skarmory, Azumarill, G-fisk, etc. This means no Hypno, Mew, or Snorlax until the CTM drop rate increases.