Charged move on switch

Ok, this has happened to me often lately. My opponent charges up a charged move and then switches out. I go on with the battle knowing that opponent has a charged move ready to go. On my last pokemon, I’ve charged up a move to a move and a half. Opponent switches in and gets the charged move off even though I’m tapping the charged move button. I’ve lost three matches this way already today.

How does one avoid that? How does the opponent immediately get the charged move off even though I am hitting the button once the opponent’s current pokemon goes down. Does charge move priority happen even on switch? What am I doing wrong because when I switch in it’s near impossible to get a pre-charged charged move off against an opponent who has one already ready to go and is not coming in on a switch.

Its probably CMP (charge move priority). We know the CMP is kinda wonky but on a switch-in, it should be straight up whoever has the highest attack stat.

Thanks. I figured that was it, but even when the role is reversed I can’t seem to get the charged move off.

Grrr. I finally get a match where this wasn’t a problem and I lose because of lag/being frozen. I didn’t do any damage to my opponent and by the time I unfroze, s/he had taken down my current pokemon and threw a charged attack on my final pokemon.

I think it’s nearly impossible to fire a charge move before opponent’s switch in charge move, unless you stop your own fast move (still hard even if you do that, and it’s too risky). The player that pressed swap is able press next pokemon’s charge move right when the swap animation starts, so its hard to use yours before theirs . The other thing is your charge move is used after your fast move turn finishes. For example, bubble takes 3 turns (1.5 sec). If opponent switches at the beginning of bubble and pressed their charge move at your bubble’s 2nd turn (1.0 sec), your opponent’s CM will cut off your bubble. If you press your ice beam at the same time as your opponent (2nd turn, 1.0sec), your CM is prioritized to start after bubble finishes its 3rd turn (1.5sec). So it doesn’t even go to CMP, your opponent’s move goes first no matter what. Then as soon as opponent’s CM finishes (assume your Azu is still alive), that bubble automatically finishes the third turn and you will fire your CM.

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Somehow I figured you’d have an almost scientific answer to my question. Thank you.

I still don’t understand how when the role is reversed I almost always switch into an opponent’s charged move regardless of which pokemon I’m using.

Thanks :joy:

Citing this helpful guide again -

Unless, opponent is using fast moves with one turn (lock-on, dragon breath, lick, etc).

But when you switch in right when fast move starts, the switched-in pokemon will take the damage from that fast move, so make sure it can take at least fast move…

Awesome! Thanks for the help. I certainly hope you get to rank 10 again. Congrats, too, on your previous accomplishments. That’s impressive.


That’s quite a guide. I skimmed through it. Looks like a good read. And here I was impressed with your spreadsheets. :laughing:

Thanks, best wishes to you too. :slight_smile:
Yeah… That guy finished #5 on the leaderboard last season. He’s a real pro. i have stopped doing the spreadsheet recently because it takes too much time :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew the spreadsheets had to take a chunk of time. They were quite helpful to me so I appreciated the effort.