Charjabug in GL

I just powered up a Charjabug to (exactly) 1500 CP for use in Great League. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but I’m definitely going to try it once the GBL timer resets. When I do try using it, I’m going to post my impressions of how well it does.

For those not familiar, Charjabug in Pokémon GO has the same moveset as its evolved form Vikavolt, but has a significantly bulkier stat distribution, which makes it an interesting prospect in GL (and no higher; it can’t reach 2500). Besides, it’s really unique looking.

Apart from Vikavolt, it could also be compared to Galvantula—a very popular pick with the same type combo. Charjabug has Spark and X-Scissor instead of Volt Switch and Lunge—this means its moveset isn’t as good as Galvantula’s, but its increased bulk helps make up for this.

It might even be possible to run both Charjabug and Galvantula along with a mudboi—this would make an interesting AAB lineup since the mudboi covers the bugs’ weaknesses and the bugs cover the mudboi’s lone double weakness to Grass.

Charjabug could also be compared to Lanturn since both are fairly rare examples of Electric-types with above-average bulk, both have only two weaknesses, and both use Spark. Also, Charjabug and Lanturn’s alternate fast move options have identical stats to one another (Bug Bite and Water Gun, respectively), which provides another way of using them. Charjabug isn’t quite as bulky as Lanturn, but makes up for this by having a faster charged moveset with Discharge instead of Thunderbolt.

The one other move Charjabug has access to is Crunch, but it’s probably not worth using since it lacks STAB, is more expensive, and there is no type that resists both Bug and Electric (limiting its potential utility for coverage).

If anyone else has tried Charjabug or encountered players using it, feel free to post your impressions here!

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I honestly thought about it, since I got a good one for GL, but then I compared it to my galv - and boy it falls flat. Both volt switch and lunge are such a severe upgrade to the charged bug that it fell immediately under radar. I’m sorry for it, but it can’t compete, the mediocre bulk doesn’t make up for these disadvantages. Using both is pretty dangerous, since Charja can’t farm down and doesn’t have a debuffing move - and of course both are vulnerable to a lot of typings.
Btw, Crunch would be interesting vs the ghost trunk, but yes, apart from that not great.
Lanturn is very different, since it walls flying types (resisting flying moves) and having a nuke.

Saw a dude on YouTube use a triple bug/electric meme team and get some dubs in the summer cup. Fat chance of that working out in the open GL, but maybe it’s name will come up in a future cup.

Spark sucks tho. It’s just so mediocre. Doesn’t do enough damage to be threatening with shields up and doesn’t charge energy fast enough to spam stuff out. It’s not gonna win many neutral matchups

Spark’s cool with a nuke - look at wild charge @magnezone. Problem is the combination of spark with mediocre charged moves such as those with charjabug

At least its not a charge beam