Charles Babbage General Discussion

I know he is a cute grill and not a cute girl, but Charles Babbage is really a stellar Servant with all his upgrades available. In isolation, a 40% Attack Up for 3 turns and an Invincibility for 1 turn on a 5-turn cooldown is kind of absurd.

Anyway, we had some writeups lying around that we really need to port to the site. They concern some of the older Servants that do need an update. That said, with his banner live, this one is actually current too.

We have a Fionn, Boudica and Edison rewrites in the bank, so you have those to look forward to. Very popular, I know!

I’m confused


I blame the early hours, brb.

If you like Babbage, he’s one of those servants who benefits tremendously from Grails.

I welcome the other servants rewrites. Those might not be popular, but I have fun with them.


If i remember well, i hated Baggage since London singularity when his NP wiped out my party.

I am a man who can hold grudges

You always catch these things :100:

Babbage is actually the first 3* Caster I’m gonna level up with UmuFest embers…if only he didn’t need gears, crystals and lanterns. I am always in need of those. :sleepy:

But he does more damage than welfare Liz, right? What about Helena?

@Sizzle Uh, mah boy best-looking rare prism Fionn is hella popular, dunno what you’re talking about.

Shiki and Lartoria updates soon, too? Void Shiki doesn’t even have the modern profile formatting. And Lartoria gets a rate up right after UmuFest and I think the analysis undersells her farming value.

Yes to the latter, Shiki isn’t up soon and we have a lot on our plate as per usual!

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Yes. Gimme that UmuFest guide :fgo_buster:

It took me a while to summon a gold caster, so early on I had started leveling Babbage. And during an event, the one with shiki welfare I believe, I got some amazing damage out of his np even underleveled, so I hurried to max him. But I never felt like I ever got the same damage out of him again, so he got sidelined, especially when I got DaVinci and then Nitocris. He was certainly handy as an event bonus servant though. Might get some more field time again…but on the other hand, not the most interesting character design to watch…

Now that he can transform, is he an Autobot or a Decepticon?

Assuming maxed skills, their natural level capped stats, +1k Fous: NP5 Babbage deals 22.8k damage on average, while NP1 Helena deals 23.3k if Mahatma lands, 15.5k if it doesn’t. (NP5 Helena is 23.3k-34.9k).
Helena deals absolutely nutty damage in her class under ideal circumstances, beating every other AoE Caster except Nero (by a hair) and interluded Da Vinci (which we don’t have yet) at equal NP levels, and most of the welfares and 3*s even at NP1 vs NP5. The only downside is that even a maxed s2 only has an 80% chance of actually dealing that damage, and if it fails you end up with middling damage.
So if your Helena is NP1 and you don’t need her battery in your setup, I’d take Babbage over her for consistency at a very slight damage penalty. If she has higher NP levels she becomes a lot better very fast.

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Yeah, mine is NP2 and I never bother to pop he NP strength up—because I hate RNG in my farming setups.

And lol, when do I not need a battery? :fgo_deadinside:

But fear Gear and Lantern farming…Arash/Helena/Babbage/Waver looks like a go :)