Charmander CD

Alright, so me, along with other players who hasnt been playing since 2016 are pretty glad Charmander was chosen, im assuming. This is just a discussion about the CD.

I might actually use an Elite TM to make a DB/BB/DC Charizard for UL. Seems like it has meta implications for UL.

Probably not worth doing a GL one, and definitely not ML, not any PVE significance. But very specifically UL, I think he’s a meta shaking beast double legacied.

I wonder how Dec CD gets handled? Different days for different Charizard CD moves?

It’s definitely one of my favourite shinies, I’d like to get a seriously high IV one. I was lucky to get a weather boosted 2 hours out of 3 on the last Charmander CD so had lots of candidates, including an 80% shiny, plus the regular Kanto events over the past couple of years have yielded a good haul of candy already.

I’m wondering about December too, as suggested above does each day get a move, does Dragon Breath simply trump Blast Burn by virtue of being newer even though they’re Fast and Charged moves respectively, does it learn both or, least likely I expect for reasons of both logistics and niantic being half-arsed about the game, do you get a choice?

I’ll probably evolve one on the day, to cover bases, but after that, as I’m far more PvE orientated, I can’t see too much use in having more than one. I’m still not enamoured with the mega system, the Mega X form being where DB will make the difference, it needs to get a bit more friendly to players before I really take a keen interest in mega raiding to mega evolve to then mega raid to mega evolve again…

My fire teams are fine, plenty of legendary options there for me. I still use Charizard in daily raiding, rockets and gyms because he looks cool, but he’s warming (literally, I suppose) the bench when it comes to short-manning or raid hour where time is of the essence.

Maybe I’ll buy the 80 pence ticket to get a bit more enjoyment/variety out of the day, I will confess to buying the Elite TM, because it will give one of my historic maxed 'mons their signature move. After that, I suppose it’s a question of how long do I want to grind dust for.

I absolutely see why people voted for this, I can absolutely see why people who weren’t playing in early 2018, or who missed it, would want that shiny black Charizard, so I don’t begrudge anyone this chance. I know that they’re pushing mega’s, I appreciate there’s a lot of PvP players out there, but it would, though, be nice if there was a bit of something for us PvE people, seeing as there’s been nothing of note since February.

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Cancer event.

I’ll just collect a gallon of dust, then leave.

If I get to Rank 7 at the end of the day, I’ll EFTM a Charizard, I have spare BB chars.

No, these are cancer events.

Triple dust for 6 hours is fine by me. Shiny charmanders for those who want them.

I suggested to you before that you looked for the positives to outweigh the negatives. Re-read your second sentence and stick with it. .


If they were giving Blast Burn AND Dragon Breath, I might have an interest in this Community Day. But mostly, I’m interested in getting Lucky Friends with someone I can trade with (ie: someone who lives near be, rather than in, say, Australia or Korea when I’m in Canada) to trade for a shiny Charmander. If I don’t have a Lucky Friends that works by that time, I might just ignore the day entirely.

But for people who missed the first Charmander CD, I can see the appeal.

Seems like it has meta implications for UL.

Does it really though? It almost completely gives up the advantage over steel-types and fairies (which was its main use) and doesn’t do as well against grass either. We’ve already got a dragon-slayer with Gyarados (who doesn’t have a faster STAB move like Char has with Fire Spin), plus Char already has that typing covered with Dragon Claw, so I really don’t see the advantage in swapping DB-Charizard for Gyarados. :man_shrugging:

That said, I’ll play the event to get one good one for UL (since that way as a Mega X it will still have some utility, being close to max) and then spend the rest of the time farming stardust. :star2: If it’s not “sunny weather”, that time may be very short. :laughing:

Reshiram and Zekrom has big PVE relevance, but in general I agree, very PVP centred lately. If they are going to keep re-running T5’s it’s be nice to see the likes of Kyogre and Mewtwo trotted back out, of only briefly.

I do wonder about the Dec CD event, I can’t imagine you get both CD moves at once, but maybe? In which case, wasting ETM double legacy moving a Char?

Edit: @captpepperjack am I interpreting incorrectly the DB has a fair upgrade in energy gains? I think he gains in neutral coverage and what he losses in niche fast move coverage can make up for spamming BB

Dragon Breath: 4 DPT / 3 EPT
Fire Spin: 3 DPT (plus STAB=3.6) / 3.33333 EPT

So no. Better neutral damage output but worse energy gains. Versus Gyarados’ Waterfall: 4 DPT (plus STAB=4.8) / 2.66667 EPT

I see Gyarados having a valid reason to run one move over the other (I use Waterfall in ML, DB in UL) since one has noticably high damage, the other notably higher energy. But Dragon Breath is…not really better than Fire Spin. Plus, Gyarados has several coverage moves while Char really just has one moveset.

I was in Key West during the first Charmander CD and I sure as hell wasn’t playing Pokemon GO the whole time. I caught a shiny and called it a day. During the Dec CD that year I went harder on Charmander and found a 98 IV. I used it for Mega Charizard Y so I’ll be looking for a high IV one to use for Mega Charizard X. I’m not in a hurry though to get one because I don’t Mega evolve (or even raid Megas) much. I’m just stockpiling Mega Energy in the event changes are made to the system to make it more enjoyable.

December might be weird. If the only way to get both moves is to use an ETM, I can see many players being upset with this. Personally, with CD moves, the exclusivity of the move itself on the specified day during the specified time is exclusive enough. You should either get both moves during Dec CD or an ETM is made easily available for everyone for free (like a research reward or something similar).

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For the December CD, best way to Niantic to make profits is to let Charizard learn one of the two elite moves by evolving at certain time or day. Then they might sell an Elite TM bundle, say 1480 coins for 2 Elite Fast and 2 Elite Charge TMs. I would buy those as long as it’s just using pokecoins but not real money (like those CD passes), but i probably won’t use one on Charizard until Mega is available in GBL.

I was thinking about CD’s rather than overall, I’ve enjoyed getting plenty of Zekrom and Reshiram, have one of each at L37 minimum and will get another couple of each up to similar levels as and when lucky friends trades provide. So, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s been nothing for us PvE people at all and indeed, triple dust has been a common bonus recently, but a bit of something to break the mould for the scene, even if it just offers variety with similar performance to something else. I know it’s tricky to keep the balance between something new and exciting and just rendering stuff you’ve invested in obsolete before it has time to shine (looking at you Gyarados with your week in the sun, or sea, with waterfall just before, I think, Kyogre turned up)

I’ve done little for the past six months other than gather candy for the same few targets (Conk, Shadow Champ, Rhyperior, shadow Mudkip and shadow Beldum) . The Kanto birds’ return has been good for the candy for my shadows from GoFest.

Suppose I’m kind of talking myself out of the next CD being a PvE friendly candidate, but I’m not sure who wouldn’t mind Gible being next up.


@Oaf Ah, the CD’s, gotcha. A gible or Cranidos day would be awesome, that’d be a CD to be excited about, agreed.

@captpepperjack Ty, this is why I come here, much as I have immersed in the game so many know so much more. Less excited for Charmander now, not that I won’t still be out there farming candy and shinies.


It’s one fast move and 1 charge move, so I think if you evolve one they have both.

Right, that’s why i said they might only allow you to learn one or the other in December CD. So they make profit from selling a bundle of Elite Fast & Charge TM, and then you can use an EFTM/ECTM to learn the other. I’m not suggesting anything, I’m just saying that gives Niantic more profits this way rather than allowing you learn both. To allow learning both in December would also be a slap in the face for those who evolve in October. (Ha, you evolved 2 months earlier and don’t have BB. Look, I evolve them in Dec. and have both!)

@Mr-ex777 i know you won’t like the idea. :joy: After all it’s a free game and they will find ways to make profits.

Why not just make the CD 2020 only or even just cancel the 2020 CD and replace it with Snivy.

Yeah, the only reason why I wanted October CD to be Charmander was to get redemption over that shiny Pikachu visor Charmander that I couldn’t evolve.

Because Snivy can actually be useful. Now if they threw out Ratatta… :wink: :laughing:

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Snivy has a cool blue shiny :grin:

Dont write that things! They can read! :scream: