Chasing Shadows and Grasping at Phantoms

I’m starting to wonder if I’m ever gonna get the Duo Byleth…
the first row of reds are all pity breakers (minus the obvious free Ike the game gives you) from her banner…

If I didn’t manage to pull a Selena and Keaton (both on free pulls) and that Dorothea, I’d begin to wander if focus heroes were just myths. How many orbs do people usually have to spend to get focus heroes from these banners anyway? I’m a newer player and have really only taken the free pull from most of the banners…

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sometimes that happens on special heroes banners, especially in red hell

the best option is to wait for her to come back in a double special heroes banner in a few months so you can guarantee yourself a focus unit


The average orb cost for Duo Byleth should be about 165 orbs by sniping red and the 75 percentile range is 221 orbs. How many have you spent thus far?

Also, I didn’t notice you’re new here. Welcome!!!


Ah, you’re experiencing the Curse of Red, I see.

Red focus units are notoriously hard to pull, especially on banners with four units. Remember that the rate is spread across all four units, so the odds are already pretty bad. But red also has the biggest pool of heroes, both in 3-4 Star and 5 Star, making it the color least likely to be 5 Star and the color most likely to give an off-focus pity breaker.

On Mirabilis and More banner, I didn’t get a single focus unit in my 40 pulls to spark, and that one had two red focuses. Instead I got three red pitybreakers (all excellent, at least).

So yes, your experience is far from unusual.


Thanks for explaining that. I got pity broken with an Ishtar instead of Ingrid too. I don’t mind getting off focused heroes. It opens up other possibilities, so I am not going to get upset over these things. I just wasn’t sure how these banners normally played out. Thanks for your insights and sorry about your unfortunate experience.

I’ve spent around 120 orbs… I normally just do the free pulls on banners; also, thanks for the welcome!


Haha, thanks for the advice.

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Flashbacks to pulling for S!Lilina last year :feh_ohgod:
But a general thing to keep in mind is that the odds for red are pretty bad, probably the worst actually. This is because there are so many red units in the pool, it makes the chance of getting one specific unit low.


If it makes you feel better - you got some REALLY good pity breakers!

but yeah. it can be a struggle going for units in Red the one “bright” side doing it on new banners is that you tend to get the better fodder. if you are lucky. Green is usually always lovely for the most part, Blue can be hit or miss (but it’s gotten really good now). and Colourless i think is really good (but colourless’s drawback is that you have to go through A LOT (a LOT) of crap.

sometimes it works out though! :slight_smile:
welcome to our slice of the world!


I spent 140 orbs, and no Byleth. Just Keaton, and Eirika Pity Breakers.

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Welcome to the community! :feh_nini:

It is unfortunate when you don’t get the focus unit that you desire. Buts that’s RNG for you, so always keep that in mind.

Also as a side note, do you have any merge projects in mind? If you do, I’d advise not spending any more orbs as seasonal units are a big bait and won’t be too useful compared to the more accessible units in the normal pool.

But it’s your orbs, you do what you like with them!

I haven’t really thought about merges… thanks for the advice

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