Cheating (according to niantic)

I got this list somewhere

1 using modified or unofficial software,
2 playing with multiple accounts (one account per player),
3 using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location (“spoofing”),
4 sharing accounts,
5 intentionally exploiting a bug to gain reward,
6 abusing refund policy and mechanism,
7 buying or selling in-game currency or items on third-party platforms,
8 buying/selling/trading accounts,

If they banned anyone who did one of the above they would ban EVERY PERSON in my community. Items 1-5 are so very common.


Maybe I did 5 once or twice, don’t remember. Apart from that I only get when rural players have two accounts, maybe spoof a bit.

Don’t you use any IV checkers? Calcy IV, pokegenie, etc?
Don’t you fast catch? don’t you use the shortcut to send/open gifts?

Me? No… What shortcut for gifts, is it a bug? I probably waste a lot of my time :D

It’d be a stretch to say I’ve done 2 and 4. The rest I haven’t touched, not because “Niantic said so” but more because why bother? Besides, I don’t think they’ve been purging “cheating” accounts for quite some time, maybe since the Melmetal fiasco of '19.

Looking at the list, I’ve definitely never done 2-8. Whether or not I could be said to have done 1 is questionable.

Back before Niantic allowed us to check IVs in game, I used unofficial websites to determine IVs (the ones that used the Pokémon’s species, level, HP, and the leaders’ statements when assessing to determine possible IV spreads). Technically, this would be utilization of unofficial software.

However given that the ones I used were opened and interacted with purely in my phone’s browser (rather than being able to check while in the Pokémon Go app) and actively took longer to use than the current system, I doubt that the usage of those sites during that time really fits the spirit of what they are trying to crack down on. Like if that honestly counted as breaking the rules, then looking up the best raid counters or using a PVP simulator would break the rules as well.

It’s a definition thing, but with most definitions, websites do not count as software, i do not see why Niantic should do else, especially if they could’ve been - see point 3 - more specific here .


Almost every player in Singapore (not counting very casual ones) has multiple accounts.

This list shows Niantic do not play their own game. Their own lack of integrity is one reason why cheating is so rampant.

For example, the empty lobby trick is technically exploiting a bug for reward, to fix another bug that is detrimental to players. With how often I lose raid passes or get sniped taking down gyms due to GPS going haywire, game crashes and other glitches, exploiting fast catch or the gift shortcut pales in comparison.

I also use trackers (mainly for raids, occasionally for quests and Pokemon) because they make the game more fun to play.

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I always find this discussion to be interesting because everyone seems to differ on what is a big cheat and what is a small one.

I’ve never done #1. They were cracking down on some aps,back when I started, so I didn’t want to risk it. The old in game IV checker was slow and inefficient, but you got used to it.

#2 is the interesting one to me. Everyone was doing that when I started. It has just always seemed normal. After about 8 months of play, with my daughter and I sharing an account, we made one specific to her and now we play them both. Sometimes we are each playing our accounts and sometimes I’m playing both. The game really does not consider the amount of time and ability to travel that kids have. It would not be possible for her to keep up (or even maintain pokeballs) if I wasn’t replenishing her account.

The others, I have never done but really don’t care if other people do. To each their own.

#4 was a common thing in the days of EX raids, since a player would get a much coveted pass and not be able to use it because they had to work. If and when they bring back ex raids, it should no longer be necessary to lend your account to a friend since remote raiding is a thing. We should just need one person per every 6 to actually be able to physically be there.

#5 is interesting to me. I avoid exploiting bugs for the same reason that I don’t use cheat codes in video games, it makes the game easier and therefore reduces the fun. But again, to each their own. If Niantic really cared about this, they would fix the bugs. People aren’t exactly secretive about things like the ‘quick catch technique’.

I’ve also never figured out why autocatchers are considered not cheating. I mean, obviously it’s because Niantic gets the money for those. But you are literally not playing the game and letting something else do it for you. This should be bad for sponsors too, since the data shows X number of people interacting with their storefront but really they could just be driving by.

I am finding out I may be a true cheater in the game

  1. I use calcy IV, mostly to rename pokemon so I can later decide what to keep or transfer
  2. I have 3 accounts.
  3. After trading for regionals with spoofers I decided to create a spoofer account myself just to get regionals. To clean my conscience this account never takes down a gym and does not do pvp unless it is truly necessary for a mission. The main use is to distance trade with my main for a guaranteed XL (not such a big advantage in the current event).
  4. I fast catch and click on “x” to prevent the gift animation. Don’t use the empty lobby trick.

Almost everyone I know that plays either uses or definitely knows about the raid backout glitch.
The Mega Lati@s raids were nearly impossible if you didn’t get 5 randos from PokeGenie, then back out and invite 5 more friends that may or may not join from a random invite. People organizing raids through Discord servers 100% raid glitched. Even content creators that stream their raid hours openly glitch almost every raid they do so they can invite more of their followers.
Niantic kind of forced our hands with the difficulty of the raids and the 5 person invite limit. The raids would be almost impossible without it. When Mega Ray and Mega Mewtwo come out, they will be as difficult or more than the Lati@s’s. They either need to fix the glitch, or allow for more remote invites. The days of the in-person raid trains in most communities is most definitely dead.

Never needed to do the raid glitch. Each of my accounts can invite 5.


They should be easier, both Mewtwo have 202 Def and Mega Ray has 197, plus the double weakness. the Lati’s have 241 and 297 Def. Yes, their attack stats are slightly higher, but having significantly lower defence has to make life much simpler.


If you can believe Pokebattler Mewtwo should be somewhere between Latios and Latias (You will need atleast 4 trainers with level 40 top counters to win), Ray should be easier and would “only” need 3 trainers with high level top counters.

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I’m surprised M2 Y is so tough, you’re right though it isn’t any easier than Latios. M2 X is easier with certain counters but outside those again, seems to be nearly as tough.

MegaRay is easier, hits hard but the double ice weakness makes a duo possible with Sh.Mamo

Assuming Pokebattler has the stats right of course

It’s always made me laugh how people condemn one behavior but justify thier own.

I know I acct share. but I’d get a kick out of someone who I’d knew used Fast-Catch exploit and tried and say that it was different. Last com day I got enough XL candy for 2 Hyd. A different friend who fast catches got enough for 7.

Not sure where you got your list, but originally #1 wasn’t just modified/unofficial software but it was worded differently back in 2016. In fact it was worded in such a way that primative IV scanners people used in 2016 were a cheat. Before pokemon released IV data in game, using software to estimate IV was cheating.

Also not on your list: Scanners are a cheat people use. You may not be the one using the 3rd party software to run the scanner bots, but you are exploiting it

Also not on your list: Wayfarer Abuse. Your in-game account can be suspended for abusing wayfarer too with fakes/etc

It is different because the fast catch is something Niantec wrote in their code… it is in some way like saying that curveballs are cheating because you have a higher chance of catching. If Niantic thinks the fast catch method is cheating they should simply remove the code from the game.

Sorry, fast catch bypasses an animation screen. By passing an animation in a bug. Thats exactly what #5 on the cheat list is. Exploiting a bug in thier code.

Want the ultimate proof that by pass is a bug: Does a first time PMG player know how to do it? It’s something you are shown how to exploit and saw a video on.

Now sometimes, game companiess find a bug exploiting cheat to be acceptible and they incorporate it into the main features of game. If Niantic wanted they could make it like eggs, where anyone can bypass the animation.

Want a fun oldie that is debateable… In 2016 the power-up button went away on a pokemon at 38.5
but it was in the code a pokemon could get to 40. If you logged into 3 decives and his the power up button on each you could get to 40. Logging into 3 devices to get around code of the button disappearing was a bug exploit. But it was also a bug fix since the code for pokemon to get to 40 was there.


I’m with you, but the “ultimate proof” is weird: most things in PoGo are not known by casual (not to mention first time) players ;)

Yeah perhaps take my phrasing should have been more like not only do first time players not know, it’s not something 99% discover on thier own view the app… It’s something someone shows them outside the app in RL or youtube

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