Check out this screenshot/ weirdest glitch ever

I just evolved my Darumantian and look at what happened:
-note the moveset
-it became a “lucky Pokémon “
-it requires pikachu candies
-it costs 1200 candies to power up…

Wtf lol


And you caught it in April 2016, when the game didn’t even exist.

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No it was caught december 4th… American style date :wink:

But Darmanitan hadn’t been released back then, had it?

No it had not… but all the rest is impossible too, no pokemon can have 3 times the same attack and 1200 candies to power up isn’t possible either… and wich pokemon can use Pikachu candies?

@Jonnyspal did the glitch stay the same after restarting the game?

And they are not dragon/flying. Honestly there is way too much going on here