Cherche build suggestions?

Cherche is one of my favorite characters of the franchise. I just have issues with her incarnation in FEH. She clearly has the bulk to handle most physical units, but up against bows, dragons, mages, and bulky sword and axe armors, she feels like a glass cannon. Anyway to improve?

This is my current build.

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I’d switch to a more offensive build since she has a brave axe,she naturally will struggle with those type of units with her low res/spd.If you really want a enemy phase build I’d consider overhauling her whole kit.

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She is clearly best used as player phase unit. If you want to tank with her you can only be a physical tank. Well, you can kinda be a mixed bulk tank with high investment… but that will mean giving up on part of what makes her so good in player phase, and other units will still perform that role much better, my advice is to give up trying to do that.

What I did with my cherche (+10 now):

  • ATK IV
    Bonfire instead of ignis
    A - Death blow
    B - Desperation 2 (3 is not needed for this build)
    C - Threaten defense/Attack Smoke/Defense smoke/Savage blow/Goad fliers (if used in a flier team)
    S - Brash assault

This build is great with 3 dancers with wings of mercy, you just have to find a way to get her below 50% HP and then she slaughters everything. I soloed Thrasir Abyssal map with this build.

If you find getting below 50% in AA is inconsistent you can also try fire boost as the seal and something else on the B slot, this way you should try to kill everything in 2 hits. Blues and greens should not be a problem when you have 70-80 attack with a breave weapon. Don’t forget to bring dancers!

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She’s already +Attack IV, I think i had inherit Death Blow, but why desperation? Isn’t that skill getting into diminishing returns when she doubles with such a high attack? I usually don’t like running three dancer teams in things like Aether raids.

Desperation+Brash assault is needed if you want to kill red units. Especially if they have 80+ HP. This a build for Abyssal maps or Arena assault, it is not for aether raids.


How heavily invested in her are you willing to be? I can suggest a fee builds, one giving her 42 effective SPD when she initiates for natural quads. Less reliance on Brash Assault, but it requires a rarer skill.

I also have another potential build you can use that still uses Brashperation, but deals more damage per hit and doesn’t naturally quad. It also gives her significantly more DEF for less damage taken on followups.

It all depends on how invested in her you’re okay with being.
But before that, your primary problem with her is that she is naturally inclined towards player phase combat, but you have her built for enemy phase. A similar build to that could work on Beruka, but Cherche’s an initiator.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the brash assault seal currently. Never really had a reason to make it, and i just enchanted some seals my regular units use.

Anyway, I’m willing to invest into Cherche, its just I’m f2p and don’t have the resources to make tailor any unit. So long as the skill is available to the four star pool, i can invest the feathers.

Then I’ll list what I would use long-term, and a short-term alternative that would work to the rare skills.


Sturdy Impact prevents Cherche from being doubled with her low SPD and puts her at 63 ATK and 47 DEF when she initiates, making her harder to damage as well. This is a long-term goal if you’re F2P.
Short-term substitute: Deathblow would be the better substitute, as this build relies on her initiation damage.

Fast AF

This build relies on stacking initiation SPD, SS3 and Darting Blow seal putting her at 60 ATK and 42 SPD on initiation, pre-Hone. Again, though, SS3 is a long-term goal.
Substitute: SS2 or Darting Blow 3 would be a good filler until you can get your hands on SS3, since this build relies on her stacking SPD and quadding without Brash Assault.

Mines not finished when it comes to the build but heres what mine looks like

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Basically whatever


Srsly where is everyone getting sturdy impact?i haven’t even summoned Tibarn.

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You can also get it on Summer Lyn, that’s where I got the one copy of it I have. If you want it to be a priority skill, just hoard orbs until a banner with one of them comes up. I’d personally bank on a Lyn banner, since she’ll probably reappear more frequently. Seasonals come around more often on Mythic and Legendary banners than specific units do on standard banners.

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Don’t put a green against a sword in feh :tooobin:

You’re using the wrong unit builder :royyes:

I used them all trying for Dancing Istar… i Got two karlas, making mine +3 now…


My internet is on the fritz that respond was suppose to be to theeternalshade

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I know the feeling. I +3’d my Rhajat when going for Edelgard. Only thing you can do is start hoarding again and hold out for their return.

Why Tho, theirs green tanks who can easily tank sword unit

Cherche builds? Galeforce heavy blade :ok_hand: