Cherche: Double or Quads

Cherche is my next merge project and I’m conflicted over whether there’s merit in trying to push up her speed to enable her to quad. I am sticking with her -5 Spd prf as I already have speed focused Camilla and ball-o-stats Minierva at +10, going for the brave effect means she’s not competing.

Full 2-hit focus means she’s initiating with effective 76 attack which is excellent as far as I’m concerned and would hopefully be taking out a huge percentage of opponents in two hits with effective 56 defence and the impact’s anti-follow-up for those who live.

Quad focused hits effective 72 attack and 50 speed which is impressive and lets her work on both phases, though only with player phase brave effect and risking deactivating Dive-Bomb. Given how little she loses in attack to potential quad a lot of things, it seems worth it. Although I have none of those skills to fodder.

I feel the 2-hit build is the safer build as if the opponent lives, she has her huge bulk to keep her safe, aside from against dragons and CC mages. Quad has more killing potential but if she runs into something she can’t double due to speed or skills and can’t 2HKO, she’s in danger.

Basically I’m awful at make decisions like this. Any input anyone has regarding which way they would go would be greatly appreciated. Or indeed other prf-using options I haven’t considered.

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You could do both tho

With it you’ve effectively 48 Spd which still has room of quadrupling peeps, got a good bunch of bulk with the Impact and got a Trace and Rein for the extra damage and or bulk


I would not try to focus on Spd on Cherche and specialy wouldnt fodder Dive Bomb on her…

She’s still one of the hardest hitting flyers and wants every Atk point she can get


I have a +10 Cherche and she is still a very solid F2P unit. Her high attack and her good brave weapon still hold very well.
Forget +SPD and Dive Bomb. It will be a waste most of the time. The meta is really too fast to compete.
You really want +ATK which will give 6 extra damages almost every time.
You can also consider a cheaper combo Flier Formation + Goad Flier for a Flier Emblem.
I tend to prefer the EFF refine as it activates quite often but it is a personal preference. +1 atk is a bit meh to my taste. The boon is much more impactful.


I know you said you wanted to stick with her prf but to reliably quad, you’ll probably need the Ninja weapon. 70 atk, 56 spd before buffs

Otherwise go bulky impact.


Very good point with the masakari, I’d forgotten about that. I suppose if I wanted a quading axe build, giving that to Minierva would be the optimal option, losing 2 Atk for 11 Spd compared to Cherche.

I think I’ll go for bulky impact then. Going to need a Bride Catria for the trace in that case.

Thanks all for the input.

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I echo what Kero said 100%

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