Cherrim (Sunshine form)

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to evolve Cherubi into Cherrim ( Sunshine form) like under certain weather conditions (Sunny weather?)
Seems like all the evolutions turn out to be overcast form.

For some reason you cannot evolve Cherubi and get Cherrim (Sunshine). The Sunshine form is only available in the wild.

That’s a pity :(

Speaking of, just saw my first Cherubi in the wild. Never got one from a lure, finally got annoyed and ended up trading for one. :ok_hand:t2: :cherries:

I assume that stems from the main games, where Overcast is the default form. Sunshine form can only be activated if the weather during a battle is „Sunny“

Today is the 1st time I managed to evolve a Cherubi into Cherrim (Sunshine form).
Weather is Sunny.
But however out of the 2 that I evolved, only 1 turns out to be sunshine form, the other is overcast form even though the in game weather is sunny.
So I guess right now is on a random basis and got nothing to do with the weather?