Chinese voices?

I have read this “The CN voices of some operators will be available in this update. More CN voices will be implemented in the future.” from Arknights CN: Developer Newsletter #13 - Episode 9, Maria Nearl Rerun, Pinus Sylvestris, and Record Restore | Arknights Wiki - GamePress.
Will they change the operators voices from the operators already in game or it will be an option( choice between the japanese or chinese) ?
I am a bit worried because i like the current voices of my operators but it doesn’t matter for me with new operators.

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We’ll know the detail until after the current CC6 but high possibility that there will be an option to change between the two languages, they’ve been sticking to Jap from day one, it makes no sense for them to completely get rid of it :feh_lucyshrug:


i don’t think they will replace the voiceovers given that even during Dossoles when some are already implemented
(SilverAsh, Amiya, or Texas/Ch’en i forgot) the Japanese dubs are still used for other operators and HG did say they will release them batch by batch (probably casting almost 200 operators takes some time) it is however highly likely they will allow switching between JP and Simplified CN dub like most games released so far


Unless there are some heavy reason like conflicts between 2 countries, license or contract issues.

High probability as an alternative option
Just like any other game from Chinese with Japanese culture as core mechanics

Just hope there wont be an English dub, that’s just… uhh
My ears will bleed, my mind will break
from their edgy improper tone and expressions, they just don’t make it. :feh_luci:


R6-collab in mind, fortunately the operators from the collab have enough story, charisma or interest for me to accept them. :grinning:


It’s confimed @IorI1 :ak_kaltsitsip: