Choose your legends #1 ranked unit and their refines

But anyway, who do I want to get the best refine? Claude I guess? I’ve never been crazy about CYL4, it’s probably my least favorite one. All 3H was super lame and they didn’t even do anything interesting with the classes.

Who do I think will get the best one? I could honestly see Lysithea being a sleeper pick. Like Dimitri she’s been pretty forgotten by now, but she also has waifu bias going for her. And we all know how strong that can be. Plus red does honestly have a solid track record of refines for CYL. Not always the best but usually good at least. If not Lysithea then definitely Dimitri though.


Honestly just proper NFU and null special charge (Creator Sword effect) would be good for me. She already has half of those, but having them in full would go a long way when combined with her other effects. Maybe something like Y!Innes where she Ignores DR on specials too. Even just that would be pretty significant for her.




That would make her just about the ultimate tank buster :feh_ardenwoke:

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You mean to tell me that B!Edelgard isn’t the best CYL4 unit? I know you like Claude but she is undeniably the better unit.


It was a toss up between Edelgard and Dimitri, but I’m leaning Dimitri. 1st place males have gotten the biggest, most disgusting boost out of them so far after their (usually) better (sorry, Celica) female counterpart had fallen off by the time their refines come around. Though Bagel has Saves and her non-Armor movement still going for her, the meta could very well change on us by the time their refine comes around so we’ll see


I was just referencing the :poop:show usher’s thread about who’s the best snd worst cyl4 unit turned into


I guess I don’t remember that thread.

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As for whether or not she’s the best of the 4?

Probably… but for what is by far her most popular use case she’s just great value gustav tbh



The rank 1 male has always gotten the most busted refine. They somehow made even B!Alm stand out despite his saturated class type. I do not see that trend going away, especially seeing that Dimitri has the most to gain from a potential refine.

  • Edelgard is still easily the strongest of the bunch with her free +1 movement and Orders self-buff on top of effectively scoring as a 190 BST unit. Refine will be tame, but she herself will still be very relevant.
  • Claude has ranged flier curse. He needs the Legendary Ryoma treatment to be a great unit. But Ryoma had more to work with, getting massive buffs to both his weapon AND prf B slot, the latter of which Claude does not have.
  • Lysithea will at most get a Winter Bernadetta effect and a few more stats to make her more consistent as a ranged nuke, but this role is not entirely unique and comes at the cost of not being able to run a Healing Tower.
  • Dimitri’s Moon Gradivus is kinda bad, but he himself is still a solid melee specialist with his Blue Lion Rule allowing him to tank the likes of Summer Caeda, Brave Eirika, and Bridal Catria, which most Near Save units can’t even do. However he needs to replace his prf weapon with Courtly Candle to truly shine. Moon Gradivus has the most to gain from a refine, and I can see it getting some effects to actually work alongside Blue Lion Rule, similar to how Ayra’s Blade was changed entirely.

Now to post something that vaguely resembles the topic…

I think Dimitri will get the best refine of the 4 and tbh I think they’re just gonna re-shape bector’s refine to fit an infantry unit. Something like:

"Unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range. If foe initiates combat, grants atk/spd/def/res +5 and special cooldown charge +1 per foe’s to unit attack during combat.

“If foe initaties combat, or if unit’s hp >25% at start of combat, grants atk/spd/def/res +5 to unit during combat, neutralizes effects that guarantee foe’s follow-up attacks and prevent unit’s follow-up attacks; and also, if unit has a penalty, grants stats to unit during combat = penalties on that stat ×2(calculates each stat independently)”

That would make him a terrifying tank and tbh is only a small step up compared to what bector has


All claude needs to be relevant again is null fatal smoke and at least one half of NFU tho

And that is well within the realm of possibility for a refine


And Null Guard.

That’s 3 different effects, which is why I said he needs the Legendary Ryoma treatment.

Oh, and having no native form of damage reduction isn’t doing his mediocre defensive stat spread any favors. There’s a good chance he straight up won’t heal enough back and get overwhelmed.



Unless a!fjorm seriously alters how nukes conduct their business, guard isn’t really an issue for him

The only time guard really comes into play anymore is fighting save balls(which b!Claude isn’t really set up to handle) and triandra(and b!Claude was always better in astra/anima anyway)

Ok that was something y’all said even back when he launched. You were wrong about it then and you’re wrong about it now

Take fatal smoke off the table and b!Claude comes roaring back to life. The half of nfu is just to make sure he’s always healing


why do I even bother posting here

Let’s see, back then:

  • Ishtar didn’t have her refine
  • Selena did not exist
  • Legendary Byleth did not exist
  • Young Innes did not exist
  • Everyone and their mother wasn’t stacking the living shit out of their nukes’ attack stats to kill Far Save tanks, which by extension will kill a unit with a defensive stat spread of 42/23/25

No they were stacking the living :poop: out of their special cooldowns to proc 50dmg glacies’s.

With the exception of fatal smoke and b!catria giving everyone access to quads, maps really have not gotten any more lethal now than they were a year ago. Will b!Claude lose to catria balls? Yes definitely. Will he lose to cavlines/nottlines/dance traps? Nope

That said, we are arguing about a hypothetical version of events that may or may not happen nearly a year from now, so I’ll stop arguing here lol. Either I’ll be proven right or I’ll proven wrong I suppose


Awww, and here I was hoping for another pointless argument to start up in this thread too