Choosing a Vanguard

Hello all!

I am here to ask an opinion about team composition. I know the usual run is 2x Vanguards but I’m having a tough time deciding who to use. I currently have:

Texas (E2)
Courier and Saga (E1)
Saileach and Flametail - not upgraded yet.

I’ve been getting by mostly with Texas and Courier, swapping in Myrtle or Saileach if I need a banner, but I’m wondering if I should swap out to maybe Texas and Sail as my main 2?


if map starts slow myrtle + texas should be enough. Try few combos and see if youre having dp issues

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For a flag bearer, Myrtle would actually be better than Saileach.

With regards to their S1, Myrtle produces more DP faster the first few activations before Saileach catches up. This is disregarding Saileach’s higher DP cost, which would make her get deployed later than Myrtle and thus start generating DP later.

Even if the stage starts with enough DP to deploy Saileach from the start, she still uses up more DP than Myrtle, so it would add a few extra seconds to being able to deploy the next Op. On many maps this won’t really matter, but there are some maps, not to mention CMs and some CC map, where literally every second counts.

As for the second Vanguard, Texas is a great option for her S2’s crowd control capabilities, the fact that the skill does not have a skill duration (so the skill can start charging again as soon as it’s used instead of waiting for the skill to end like Courier’s S2) and her E2 Talent that gives an extra 2 starting DP.


I myself really enjoy using Saga, but they are different than other Vanguards, so I wouldn’t suggest bringing them to every stage.

One of my first Operators promoted to Elite 2 was Courier, and I still have yet to regret it. They generate sufficient DP for most levels, while being very tanky, especially for a Vanguard. I usually pair them with a more offensive Vanguards, such as Texas or Saga.

But, if you really need DP, I would use Elysium if you have them, overwise Myrtle is a good option.

However, you have Saileach. Saileach is an excellent buffer, and can do some damage if needed. Are they replacement for anybody? No, they don’t generate DP as well as Myrtle of Elysium. They don’t last long like Courier, or even have two block. BUT, they are best Vanguard at buffing others AND generates good amounts of DP.

So my suggestion, based on my experiences alone, would be to continue bringing Texas to every stage, promote Courier to Elite 2, upgrade Elysium or Myrtle aftewards if possible, and get Saileach to Elite 2.

An honorable mention would be Beanstalk, but I’ll leave that for someone else to explain…

There’s no such thing as too many Vanguards, right?

Im a new player and havent been exploring harder maps, but from what i gathered while i learn, vanguard choices are based on (assyming you are asking this for understanding instead of asking for preferences) :

  1. Favourite
    If you love siege, scavenger, courier, or any vg by all means bring them to any maps as an opener. Unless the maps is a rush start where you need flagbearer to start print dp fast or a tanky vanguard that double as early ‘guard’ for a while.

  2. Necessity
    If the map spawn enemies too fast then texas or flagpipe combo might be a must because otherwise a slug or a dog might leak. If the early mobs are pretty weak and come one by one then you might want to use “dp-on-kill vanguard” because they yield dp faster, if the mobs come two by two then you might want to bring block-2 vanguard to hold them for a while. And then if your comps are too weak, you might want your vanguard to take another role such as offensive (texas sk2, siege sk2, etc) or defensive (myrtle healing, courier def up, etc) or a unique role such as saga’s criplled enemies.

  3. Your other operator
    Lets say you have some luck and got ifrit, mudrock, dusk, and chalter as your powerhouse. While each of them are definitely powerful, its useless if you cant even deploy them. Hence, a fast dp like flagbearer or a vanguard that last for a while like courier is preferred.

There are also other topic to read such as “which flagbearer should i bring?” or “which unique utility vanguard should i bring?” but i am not knowledgeable on that.

Personally i always bring myrtle as reliable dp source and courier because he can last for a while (usually, until the maps clears if the enemy isnt hard hitting) and also because i got them to potential 6. Oh right, pot1 and pot6 is very very essential to a vanguard because you need them asap and some vg is easier to pot 6 (myrtle and courier) compared to the other (gacha vanguard, especially 5* and 6*)


Thanks for all the responses! I’ll keep on with Texas then, and make sure to keep myrtle and saileach close at hand!

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If you got lucky with recruitment and manage to get vanguard + support, Zima is another good choice. At WE she can lower do cost of vanguard by 1 dp.

Most of time I’ll just bring both Texas and Zima both using S1. If tight dp situation I’ll bring Zima and Myrtle + Bagpipes for quick starting DP.

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I’m an endgame player and even I use courier and Texas at E2 50 as main 2 Vanguards and swap in myrtle (if I need a 3rd Vanguard for dp) or Elysium (if I have more snipers then Vanguards and need dp) this is based on their talents as well as the dp battery. Saileach is great too but not all that ground breakingly better then the other 2 and way more expensive.


Yes, this is exactly what I do. Even with access to 6* vanguards like Saga and Siege. Zima + Myrtle + Bagpipe is usually overkill for DP.