Choosing between Tamamo and Nero Bride?


Hello! So I’m still a little new; I’ve only been playing a couple of months

So I do like both these servants, but I wasn’t sure what to go for when Nero’s banners come along sometime in April. I know Tamamo is really good for arts teams and that Nero is a strong support Saber but I can’t decide between the two. I would’ve rolled on a day where they both have a rate up, but they don’t share any together.


Generally speaking, I think Tamamo is a better character overall. She’s incredible for Arts based teams and even in events where you need to stall. That said, she’s always available in the pool… but an NP 2 of her isn’t half bad either.

Nero Bride is a limited unit that has a ton of utility, but oddly… especially with Tamamo! Her targeted buffs can complement a lot, but since she fits so many roles, she suffers a bit as a jack of all trades. She can’t function as a strong healer or support in the same fashion Tamamo does.

I’d look at your current collection and see who would be the best servant to complement your current teams. If you’re still on the fence, go for Nero since she’s only available once in a while. Also take a look at the strengthening mats you have on hand, as they both have very different ones! If you are low on something and not on the other, maybe it’s a factor to consider.

Best of luck with your pulls!


I am after both too and I wanted to say It is possible to get both. Oh and they work together amazingly well!

Both have additional rate ups this year (assuming we follow JP schedule):

  1. Nero Bride is on solo rate up in September as part of Nero-fest

  2. Tamamo is on solo rate up during the Onigashima event in June and as a new year 2020 solo rate up.

This gives you five options depending on the amount of luck and Saint Quarts and who you like most.

Option A: get both during CCC. This requires both lots of luck and a good stash of sq. It is the fastest method. I am guessing it probably won’t be feasible for you unless you get one or the other in a single ticket/roll. And yes they do have a rate up together during CCC but Gilgamesh and Karna will also be on rate up with them.

Option B: get Bride during CCC and roll on Tamamo in June. This will be the second fastest method to get both but will require you to have a good amount of sq following CCC as you have only about a month to save. It will help you get more event CEs though.

Option C: Get Tamamo during CCC and save up for Nero during Nero fest. This gives you about 4 months to save. Probably the most efficient strategy for sq and time. Also gives you more event CEs.

Option D: Get Nero during CCC and save for New Years Tamamo. Probably the most fool proof strategy but it will take about 2/3 of a year to do. However, it has one other benefit which is relate to the next option…she could spook you while you await.

Option E: Get Nero during CCC and just wait for a Tamamo spook. Nero Bride is limited and CCC and Nerofest are the last two times to get her for the next two years. Tamamo is not a limited servant and can spook you at any time. You could just wait for this to happen. Of course she may never spook you. I consider this the worst option but it is the cheapest sq wise.

I think the smartest choice is to get Tamamo first (option C) and build an arts team around her including Nero during Nerofest.

I would do that myself but Nero is a favorite of mine, I have several Tamamo supports, and I have a LARGE stockpile of sq (over 750 if you count tickets as 3sq) so I am doing option B myself.


Both are good (and I’ve been super lucky enough to get both) but I would say that Tamamo is a much better support then Nero Bride. Basically Tamamo gives arts teams everything they want: CD Reduction, Arts Effectiveness up, NP gain, and also gives some control in the form of almost guaranteed NP drain. Also that skill gets upgraded to also give NP dmg up which is a ways out but it is really good since it stacks multiplicity with her arts buff.

Her only real downsides are her low base dmg (typical for casters / supports) and her lack of any def % for other teammates (on the plus side of that she has a skill that has def % for 3 turns and a stronger % for 1 turn and it makes her quite bulky with her large HP pool).

Nero Bride is a bit of an oddball for a support. She can give a team member attack up, NP gain up, or a def buff tied to a heal and that’s about it. Her NP is a bit weak though but she does put burn and def down on a single mob which can be helpful. I would say she is more of a support hybrid then pure support since she doesn’t do support as well as deadicated supports (Merlin, Waver, Tamamo).

I would say pick one that fits your needs. Need a strong ST attacker who can also support on the side? Nero Bride. Want the best arts team support in the game? Pick Tamamo.


That’s true. Since Tamamo isn’t limited she could come on any other banner possibly

I know Nero Bride does have another banner in September, however it’s smack dab right before Merlin’s return. Unless I got really lucky and got Nero early before Merlin’s banner with tickets or something.


If that is the case get Nero during CCC and save for Merlin then try for Tamamo during New Years.

There is a chance she could spook you that way.


It might be better to go for Nero just for that fact the she’s limited and I don’t see another rate up next year. I’m not F2P so I’ll be picking up the GSSRs around the anniversary and NY’s.

Getting her is the hard will be the challenging part. I hear 300 SQ is a decent amount at a rateup servant


From a gameplay perspective, especially if you are F2P (or at least not a whale or dolphin…), I believe you get maximum flexibility for the least cost by having your own support servants, so for me it would be Tamamo.


I personally believe that it is better to go for the limited servants, due to spooks. Gameplay, I think Tamamo is the most impactful, but only when built around. Nero Bride is great because of how generic of a support she is. I would go for Nero Bride because you can use her in almost any scenario and Tamamo is possible anytime you pull the gacha. Good luck to whoever you end up rolling for! May you be lucky enough to get both of them :wink:


Having both of them for a year so here’s my review (also forgive me for my bad English):

Tamamo is a base for almost any good Arts-Team with amazing steroid-buff, stalling, survival and np-spam options. What is the bad side of spamming np’s every 1-2 turns? Right answer - skills cooldown, and Tamamo’s NP reduce it. If you use her NP twice withing 3 turns, her +50% arts buff can be used again on the same turn when skill effect will expire (as any other teammate skills that have 5 turn cooldown). Waver-Vlad-Tamamo is one the greatest teams for challenge quests. Bad sides is: Tamamo will require 10/10/10 on anyone in the team for her np-spam magic and by that TONS of resources; she cannot be used effectively outside of a Arts-teams. Also arts teams specialty is a hard quests, so taking them on farming or story-cleaning is a pretty bad idea since it’s going to take 15+ turn.

Nero Bride is a support-saber.… yeah… but a pretty good one! All of her skills can be used on any teammate and will give awesome buff for 3 turns. Her ST-NP deals significant damage but gives enemy -DEF for 5 turns. Her bad side is a low damage. Can she be used as main DPS with good buffs? - yes, why not, but it will be better to give her amazing buffs to another DPS to maximize total damage.

Who’s to roll? I would recommend Tamamo since she have a much stronger and unique role in the game, but it’s all just about waifus so choose who you like the most.


Tamamo. She enables every single Arts servant. Mash ensures nearly 100% uptime for your team’s defenses. Robin hits harder. Saberlot np spams. (Rider Mordred does too.) Hans, Merlin, and Waver have even better uptime on their skills and MPs. Vlad is more durabl, hits harder, and gets better NP refund. And so on.

Bride is good but she’s more of a 4th slot servant and, oddly enough, works better with a Tamamo on the field as a semi-support for a single arts DPS.

Bride isn’t as versatile as Tamamo. Tamamo is why Arts teams work…she’s basically able to support a support and a DPS at the same time. Bride can kind of do that…but Fox’s wedding is better than targeted Golden Rule on arts servants and the attack boost is nice but could be covered by Hans/Waver/Merlin/Mystic code.

That said, Bride is limited but will be back during NeroFest…which is after summer. Tamamo is in the general pool but “they can spook you anytime” is bad logic imo since the chances of a spook are so small you can count on it never happening.


Definitely Tamamo will be a better choice.
She can synergize greatly with other supports like Merlin for a very strong stall party which will be very good for newer players like you.
Eg. Mash + Merlin + Tamamo party.
Remember, you are only allowed 1 support.

I would only recommend going for Nero bride if the list of servants you have is more built up.


If Nero Bride had some kind’ve returning banner that would’ve helped. I don’t know when she’s returning after September, but going after her is an option.

The other option is getting Tamamo first to bolster my roster than go for Nero some other time.