Choosing Servant Valentine Scene

I know this sounds stupid, but… I’m confuse on who to choose. Basically I can play any Valentine scene at Ytube and those CEs isn’t really helping too much I guess.
Hey, why don’t pick my own waifu? Well, tbh kinda dissapointed by some of the Valentine scene. For example Parvati is heavy tier in my waifu list. But her Valentine scene is a meh one. It’s a bit funny but no romance at all and a giant buffalo as reminder on her CE…

So what am I asking here?
Well, if u can share who you pick and why, maybe I have some kind of insight… yeah, insight.

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Well, I hands down chose BB, even before using any surprise chocolates, her Valentines scene was amazing with 3 endings depending on the choices you make, it was a blast!

On the other hand if you clear the points ladder, you can gain 188 surprise choco which should be more than enough for all of your servants unless you are a whale.


I’m just waiting to spam Surprise Chocolates after I’m done farming. Should be able to get every or nearly every cutscene on both sides.

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Well, they put a lot effort on BB (sadly I’m not a big fan of BB though I raised her to 10/6/10). I also have watch Kiara has 2 Valentine ending. A good (safe) route and a bad (naughty) route.
And then you realize your waifu is the newer servant… Seriously this is not fair.

Nah, I won’t use surprise chocolate for random servant. I do have a lot of qp right now but burned it won’t be any loss for me.

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This thread may help you:

I feel BB was supposed to be a cheater so multiple routes seems apt for her, since her event had voice over in normal story mode, differing dialogues depending on what you choose in the beginning and the ending… She became my favorite for more than just attractiveness :smile:


I think we get enough chocolates for everyone if you plan to clear all the rewards.

So don’t worry about it. Just pick your favorites.

Why does it matter? You get enough for all CEs if you clear the ladder.

Even more so if you did the event last year you’ll end up with lots of extra chocolates that you just can exchange for QPs at the end, i have over 70 right now and i still miss only around 11 CEs.


Kiara also has 2 different endings just seems to be a trend with the ccc villains


Ohhh, I did not know that. Gotta go back and replay them now.

@Diki_Kisaragi Don’t choose. Just spam the Surprise Chocos. You will get every single one, eventually. Personally, it also serves as a surrogate summoning system, imo; since it is basically also a gacha (just without all the salt of spending real money or absurd amounts of time saving up to unlock)