Christmas lottery farming comp

Everything is on the title, I’m searching, for the upcoming Xmas lottery, the comp for farming in 3T ? Does anyone have it ?

It will probably determine who I’ll take for the free SR ticket

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What I have found right now :

Three turn Valkyrie + SS comp :

Cab’t do it since I don’t have a Skadi :fgo_badciv:

A comp with Eresh and Quetz Ruler :

But do not have Eresh. But do we even need her for this comp :thinking:


I mean, it’s a bit hard suggesting a 3T comp that’s suited for your roster, without knowing your roster.

But since you don’t have Skadi, all DSS comps are out of question already.
Which AoE Lancers do you have right now?


The second comps with Eresh/Quatz are RNG based. You can probably replace Eresh by Artoria Lancer since both are AoE Lance with 50% NP battery.

If you don’t have your own Skadi it’s going to be hard to do 3T farming. You can maybe emulate Skadi for Valkyrie if you have both Waver, Nero Bride and mlb Kscope. However the damage won’t be nearly as good as a regular VSS comp.

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Aoe Lancer, I do have : Fionn NP1, Valkyrie NP2, Parvati NP1, Santa Jeanne NP5 and that’s all.

In worst case, i’ll use my universal 4slot comp but I would like to avoid that I possible !

Well I can also roll for Eresh during the Xmas 2019 rerun though and have her maybe at NP2.

Actutally i’m wondering if a Waver + Skadi + Para + Valkirye NP3 can works ?

You could try Waver instead of Skadi and Parvati, Parvati can loop with only 1 Skadi (apparently).

I’ll probably go with DSS Parvati or Valks here.

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I found a 5-Slot NP2 Parvati setup with just one Skadi + Para + Waver. Caveat, it needs a Superscope.


Personally I wouldn’t bother with Eresh.
Waver + Skadi + Para + Valkirye may work but you won’t know for sure before testing it or sit for a while and actually the math and calculate the amount of refund your Valkyrie will get.
The thing I can tell you is that this comps won’t be able to clear the node without RNG. The damage is for too low.

Note: if you can do it Parvati, most likely it’s possible with Valkyrie too.

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I think it’s possible with Valk NP3 since you have her 3rd skill with the passive 10% NP charge per turn. But I’ll have to check the numbers for sure after dinner.

You can try this simulator for now so you can benchmark the NP refund:

Assumptions: MLB KScope (level 20, atk 786), Valk has 1,000 Atk fou and level 10 for all required skills including MC.

NP refund: Yes, you’ll be able to hit the NP refund for Wave 2 (69% including the passive 10%) and Wave 3 (102% including the passive 10%).

HP remaining: Chimera is almost a sure kill even without facecards; Moriarty on the other hand will have 54K hp left so you’ll need to face card that.

Skill order:
Wave 1: Para NP gain + Skadi Quick Up + Valk Quick Up and NP charge
Wave 2: Para <-> Waver Atk Up and Crit Up
Wave 3: Skadi Def Down + Plugsuit Attack Up


Bookmark this helpful link.

Thanks to Ratentaisou.


Yep, very useful, will go with Valk NP3 then :) I will probably have an MLB lvl 100 Kaleido by then so it will be even easier.

@Navi Thanks for the link, it will be really useful for teh other node !

I just saw some nice six slot comp here with either Eresh or Bradamante. I will maybe roll for one of them for a nice six slot comp. futhermore, I don’t have a five star aoe lancer right now.

I have both Eresh and LArtoria (both at NP1) but the damage output is honestly too low for me to pull off a 6-Slot. Using Eresh’s NP1 on Wave 2 leaves around 45k hp and using LArtoria’s NP1 on Wave 3 leaves around 117k hp :frowning: Sorry, I was excited at the idea of using them for the Lotto…

Looks like I will have to fall back on LSS (KScope) + Waver. NP2 Zerkerlot will hit all the required damage benchmarks and Waver will address any NP gain gaps.

The original video has a NP4 Eresh and NP3 LArtoria which is why he/she can hit the damage benchmark required.

haha true that he does have an NP4 Eresh. Will be hard too have her at this np level yeah…But I was counting personnaly on the six slot comp with Janta :

Maybe Eresh can clear the second Wave even at NP2 no ? (yes, I’ll try to have her at NP2 lol)

Well, anyways, since I’ll have Valk at NP3, Ill be able at least to have a good five slot comp :)

Ahhh, too bad I missed Janta :frowning: Yes you should try simulating if it’s possible with NP2 Eresh. My SQ budget is already tied up for next year so I won’t be able to roll for more copies of Eresh. :frowning:

I think I’ll just let my para Lancelot waver skadi team mow through Christmas as well as Gilfest. Even if Lancelot doesn’t kill moriarty outright, he won’t survive the crit storm that follows. Np3, lvl 90 gold fous and lvl100 KoM on Lancelot … Ahhh…

Lancer options are np3 liz, np1 Parvati and janta… So probably not happening with lancers anyway.

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Well damn, i was still on the fence about who to get, but now I’m leaning much more towards Valk for that DSS (luckily Valk was already in the running for me anyway)

Is the archer node the most efficient one?

it’s the main lotto.

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