Christmas Time is the best time to beat up Santa!

Continuing our droll journey through our slew of, well, “Challenge Quests”, the Christmas 2018 one should be a walk in the park. With removable buffs aplenty, this one reminds us all of a simpler time. A time where we could cheat through mechanics with our favorite punching Saint or stabby witch.

Well, it really doesn’t help that the strongest counter in terms of damage also has buff removal. And an Evasion. And a Quick NP that is countered last.

Anyway, let me know what you did to smash those Reindeers and their Santa overlord! Should be amusing how far down we can go in terms of Servants.


Yay! Violence, my favorite Christmas tradition!! :smile: :smile: :smile:

Memes aside woot woot yay for another joke of a CQ. I guess I’ll run Ama/2x Merlin because I feel like handling this in the most brain-dead way possible.

Alternatively, Cu-chan solo.


Just a day to go to smash stuff. I think I’ll let a certain Personas-based Hassan have a crack at it.


@F2P_Hell You’ve been seen

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I come whenever the queen of abs is mentioned. She’ll probably be my dps for this one too

Np3 jack will make quick work of Santa, with maybe a combined duo of sparty and arash for reindeer control.

Bring it on Santa!


Well, Im going to have a really fun time with MHX on this one.

(Sweet 150% damage boost on NP is usable to its full extent.)


Well, Saint Nicholas is known for slapping or hitting a heretic (it’s unconfirmed, but this is Fate so most stories count), so you’re correct on violence being associated with Christmas. He got reprimanded for it, but it’s still a funny story.



ngl, I’m actually fine with braindead challenge quests from time to time

I just want to beat up some reindeers man…

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All her Card Protection Buffs are Removable

Removable you say?
And I just got a Lizard Handler yesterday.

Edit: Damnit I need to get her to level 60 before I can do that.

Jack, I have a present for you. You can take her apart as much as you want


My first idea was to use Arash, Kintoki and Jack but now I’m considering using a less optimal team.
…I actually forgot about Medea, well it should be doable in that case but I’ll brainstorm a bit more first.

On a different note Information Erasure seems to be misplaced in the skill list.

Oh, Mordred will have a field day beating up his dad and the cock wizard.

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How do you guys find these things sometimes. I love these kind of sitefixes, nice spotting! Fixed.

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That’s next CQ :fgo_buster:


Yeah, MHX gets so few chances to go crazy that we need to use her whenever we can.

I’ll be slapping a Black Grail on her probably and will burn a few CS on Osakabehime (stack her NP Quick buff 3x in a row) or on MHX (get that sweet, sweet OC effect) or some mix of the 2 even if it isn’t the best use of them since just 1 turn of damage doesn’t clear the break bars- I want some high numbers anyway.

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I definitely will try to solo this quest :yum: