Chrom Arena Advice

So from the very beginning of the game, Chrom has always been a staple on my Arena team:

But I’m worried that my team (Chrom, Nowi, Nino, bonus unit) won’t have a way to deal with Fallen Edelgard. I’m thinking of switching him up to this instead:

Thoughts and suggestions?


I have an idea, sadly I don’t have my phone to show you :feh_eirikabulli: but when I get it again I wiil reply to you with my build :feh_flaynyay:

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The recoil of fury probably isn’t the best on him, but NFU is a must for pvp.


I’m here with Chromie :fgo_meltbirb:
This build is really cheap, and soon I will change the C, but meanwhile it works good
For B you can use a Lull, Null follow up, special spiral, or even mystic boost!!
I have seen some Chrom builds with DC but they really tweak the res, which is a flaw for him, you can use this breath, the typical Swift Sparrow 3, or one stance 4 to him
But with my builds, he gets the job, destroying any of the green Edelgards, Freyja and brave Ike
:fgo_meltbirb: I hope I can help

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Fury 4 is there for the stat boost, and to trigger Sealed Falchion. Puts him to 54 speed.

I know why it’s there, but I feel as though there are better options.

Solos, stance 4 skills, DC…

If you are worried about FEdel specifically, an impact skill like sturdy impact could be useful (although I guess you already have NFU planned)

Won’t matter. With that Chrom you won’t be likely to meet against the +10 Fegel due to the lack of score.

So just outstat her lol.