Chrom with lull attack speed + pulse smok

You know, for the dumb Edelgard
So he kills her more often
He still have steady breath
But I will change his B, C and S to those two and mystic boost respectively
So I can grab the Arena things, and maybe see a counter for her

Based on simulations, Chrom doesn’t seem to do too well against her, at least not with that.

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I will have this in consideration, thanks

Edelgard is supreme. This must be accepted.

If you want to duel her, you’re gonna want NFU or at least QR if you can bait her. With Steady Breath you can charge a 2 CD Special when baiting and use it on the second hit. A stat Seal would also be much better, you’re not gonna outtank her.


You wouldn’t be able to charge a special with Chrom easily, since he has no slaying. He would only get +1, so he would need to tank 2 hits in order to get his special.

Unless you also run FB or something in his seal, so he gets it on offense and defense.

With a Breath effect, he can charge a 2 CD Special if baiting while being able to double with QR or something. Breath effects work during the entire EP, regardless of receiving or dealing attacks. She hits Chrom, 1 CD, Chrom counters once, Special ready. If he doubles, he procs the Special.

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