Claiming Halloween Tickets from pulling Memoria?

hi, I’m new to the gamepress forum so apologies if I’ve posted this in the wrong place.
in the “karin misono fate weave” banner in the news section, it says you get a halloween ticket if you pull the “wolf for one night” or “rehearsal continues” memoria. I got a copy of “rehearsal continues” while using tickets to try and get “my bible” (got 3 copies, yay), but the shop says I don’t have any halloween tickets - do I have to do something else to redeem the ticket/am I just missing something?
thanks for any help!

I’ve actually not rolled the gacha myself yet, but wow if they messed up with that too

is anything showing in your present box though? that’s my only guess outside of more bugs (in which case, you’d need to contact support about)

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yeah, nothing in my present box unfortunately :persevere: was hoping I was just being stupid, I guess I’ll contact support

switch tab .-.

to that tab in my screenshot

here’s my screenshot - as you can see, there’s no halloween tickets and nothing has been purchased.

try 2 more things before you report to support

  1. go to your memoria page, and open each memoria that you obtained 1 by 1
    i actually did that to lock them so try that

  2. turn on and off the game
    since again i did that, do not intentionally .-.
    cause i went into battle and the shit crashed

if both doesnt work
then u report it :+1:

also, try buying the ticket from the event shop

idk why, but maybe you have to get that one first before the others register

i mean, i didnt :rofl:
so rip