Clairvoyance EX+ :fgo_bbsmile: using FGO [KR] 🇰🇷 Monthly Event Schedule

This thread is made for us, NA players, to share and discuss about the “highly possible” “surprise” banners that we can expect “thanks” to the official monthly announcement made by the FGO KR at the last day of each month; FGO KR announces the new upcoming monthly schedule at the end of each month.
From this, “I” was able to share/inform and know in advance, Clairvoyance EX+, the “surprise” banners.

For people who are curious to know how “this Clairvoyance EX+ was possible:” it was possible because the FGO KR in one of their “old/past” official broadcast volumes (live stream/video in youtube), clearly stated that they follow the JP schedule as much as they can but they also equally refer and follow the NA since they frequently communicate and share (more of receiving from) with NA.
E.g.: NA implemented QoL updates such as the coin system and Lv. 120 before KR but when the KR updated theirs later (about 2 months after), they implemented most/all of the QoL updates that the JP now has such as 3+3 Support Lists, Skills animations Fast Forward and etc. that NA didn’t implement yet.
In other words, KR = NA to some/most extent; but KR is doing a “better”/“faster” job in announcing/informing their plans and schedule ahead of time for the players than NA.
Of course, both servers shift and change their schedule according to their special holidays and etc.

Anyways, all this “started” and dates back to this year’s April.
The following banners were the “surprise” banners I knew ahead of time:

  • APRIL :

→ KR :

→ NA :

  • JULY :

→ KR :

→ NA :

→ NA :


→ KR :

→ NA :
Expecting Altria Archer banner as Imaginary Scramble Event Summoning Campaign Part. 2 (as it is titled as Imaginary Scramble Pick-Up Part 2 in the KR’s October monthly schedule announcement).

Any new information/further details regarding the “possible” surprise banners (from the KR server) will be updated and posted asap.
Of course, the KR monthly event schedule will be posted in this thread asap as well (most likely on the last day of each month).

The following is the offical FGO KR “cafe” (website) where the announcements are made :
페이트/그랜드 오더 : 네이버 카페 (

Everyone is welcome to disccus and share their thoughts and etc!
Hope this thread helps us, NA players, to manage our personal SQ plans :fgo_ishtarwink:
Enjoy! and of course, GOOD LUCK with your rolls!!!


Thanks for this. Great thread.

I was hoping there was going to be a Part 2 of the FGO Stage banner on NA since KR also got a banner with Merlin, Da Vinci, Enkidu and Cu Alter as well. However, with Christmas Re-Run starting on the 6th that doesn’t seem likely unfortunately. Maybe it will be repurposed for Thanksgiving, but I’m hoping not as I really want Merlin personally.


If this line of thought does turn out to be true, this would point us into a direction on what to expect for future banners. At least we wont be as bad as Taiwan (or server close to it) who is getting the NY’s banner this month. :catskully:


I am here! :fgo_sthenosmug:

If the TG banner is gonna be Merlin, Da Vinci, Enkidu and Cu Alter, it’s a skip for me which will be good for me. I can save the SQ for the crying at Xmas and New Year.


Who would have thought Clairvoyance EX can get a rank up


Thanks for mentioning this since I totally forgot about that.
KR had their FGO Stage Campaign in May. I just searched it and here it is:

I am not sure about this one but there is a chance for us to get a second banner with Da Vinci, Enkidu, Cu Alter and Merlin or those four servants could be “pushed” back to our TG banner.
The only banner we, NA, still didn’t get is the Shinjuku Salter banner and I really wonder if we will ever get at least a similar one or any chance to summon more copies of Salter (since I know that many of us would want to get a chance at Salter).

Huh didn’t know salter is story locked. Now I want a banner for collection and her dialogue

…or you can wait for 7th anni and get her through the SR ticket. That’s how I got mine.

Gacha luck so bad SR ticket gives me a silver

Hopefully the Salter banner comes after Oberon only :ak_laughinglappy:

Half of my Seibas comes from the SR/SSR tickets. Go figure.

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Seems like they’re semi lining up the dates between the servers as well. I was hoping to Archuria November oh well.

Merlin couldn’t even get a full week banner during summer 4 and it’s rerun, that Sunday only bs. Would definitely surprise me if he got a surprise banner

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So you’ve had 0 tickets? :fgo_jeannu:

I think that Squirtoria banner could get a couple of rolls outta me. I could use a reliable Arts ST Archer aside from Euryale.

This made me kind of salty. Not a good time if she appears in these coming months…

3 and will get 1 next year. :fgo_insane:

Well it didn’t predict this surprise Halloween banner, but Halloween might not be a big thing in Korea.

Personally, I sure didn’t expect this Halloween banner. It is practically the same banner we should be getting next year but it’s a shame that those CEs are all on rate-up instead of being split and grouped with certain servants.

I just can’t believe NA are “dragging” and have not yet announced anything about the Imaginary Scramble Event. KR started their Imaginary Scramble Pre-Campaign last Friday.

By the way, Halloween is not as a big “thing” in Korea for the general people but for the young people it is - time to get wild with all of those costumes, make-ups and etc - party hard haha.


Pretty similar to Australia in that regard.

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