Class advantage vs Special Trait?

There is something that still confuse me.

When we have to defeat a enemy servant, is better taking with us a Niche servant or a servant who deals double damage?

For example:

Let’s say that we are fighting against Musashi saber.

Would be better to use an Archer or a servant like Carmilla, whose NP deals from +120% to +170% bonus damage vs female?

I am not exceptionally good in math, but if we try to calculate the damage:

an Archer’s NP would deal +200% damage.

Carmilla’s NP would deal 100% + bonus, meaning a damage in the range of +220% - +270%

So, it seems to me that Special Trait damage is stronger that class advantage.

But the big question is: does the NP makes a difference?

Because we know that different NPs are stronger - weaker.

And maybe a strong NP of a class advantage servant would still deal more damage than a Neutral NP buffed with a Special trait damage.

What do you think?

My idea is that there is no general rule. It depends on the servants you want to deploy.

But i might be wrong.

This is something im curious in as well. Although , I think it depends on how much of said bonus you would receive .

Depends in the situation, using a trait damage buff of 100% like the one that Orión (i know that there are better niche servants with higher mods but this is just a example) have is similar to simulated class advantage, but the class advantage give the doble damage to the servant.
So if niches are used with class advantage they can be monstruos, but when are better then class advantage? Is three cases:
A) the most comun, you just want to use that servant
B) you want challenger so you don’t use class advantage
C) the enemy isn’t affected by class advantage

It is not like that. Archer deals the equivalent of 200% damage against saber, while Carmilla’s is 150%-200% against female post strengthening. So if you assume OC1, it will be 150% VS archer’s 200%. It is not so straightforward in actual gameplay, but the general consensus is that class advantage is preferred to trait damage most of the time.
There are two types of trait damage bonus, one is worded like Carmilla’s which buffs only NP damage and never face card, and is not considered a “buff” and cannot be stopped by any kind of buff block. The trait damage bonus is multiplicative to all other type of damage buffs (Atk up, mana burst type, NP up etc). These damage bonus multiplier is considered to be multiplicative to original damage, ie, 150% means the damage will be original damage multiplied by 150% or 1.5.
The second kind is like that of Jack’s which applies a buff to the unit, which can apply to face card as well if applicable. For jack’s case, it is applied at start of NP and last a turn, meaning all jacks cards, both NP and face card get this damage bonus. This damage buff is considered to be same type as NP up, crit up and event bonus damage, and are calculated additionally with those buffs. When doing calculation the multiplier is added to the same bracket as those buffs. So for example if you have 50% damage bonus displayed in skill description, you will get (1+50%) or 1.5 the original damage. Note that 150% of the first type and 50% of the second type meant the same thing.
One servant can also have both type of buffs at the same time. The most famous is Siegfried, who have the second type on his third skill and the first type on his NP, results in absurd damage against dragon trait foes, a huge contrast to his wet noodle damage normally,


I had gotten it wrong then.
Interesting explaination, now i really want to run some tests with various servants.

Tamalancer then probably is an example of the opposite. Her NP is rather weak, she need her trait advantage to deal enough damage. Not even class advantage really helps her dealing enough damage.

I have to test it, but i daresay that her NP against a non-male archer (so double damage) is lower than the same NP against neutral (no advantage) but Male (so, bonus trait)

how does that buff stack with the ce effects like “bonus damage to divine” or “bonus damage to humanoid” ? does the damage get multiplied again?

CE that gives trait damage bonus is treated the same as buff given, so it is added to skill given buffs and multiplicative to NP trait damage bonus.