Class Based Summons is Meh

Going through the upcoming Class based Summons and it feels like it is a much better idea to hold onto those Prescious SQ’s instead of hoping to get 1 or 2 out of 8 possible SR n up.

And correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t having multiple 5 Star or 4 star Servants on the same Summons table actually reduce the chances of getting them?

The Extra one is interesting since I have neither Sitonai or Gorgon out of the 5 diff Servants 4 star n above with increased chances. But, overall it seems a much better chance of waiting for a particular Individual target of a Servant I want to shoot for.

The one pro to this Class based Summons would be if there was a class where I had very low representation in and therefore a much higher chance of improving my Chaldea’s opportunity in that particular class.

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The most common reason for recommending Class Summon is to aim for popular story-locked 3* Servants like Bedivere and Salieri.

Otherwise most players should avoid these banners as raw bait.


Are you saying I have a chance of getting 3 Star Caster Cu from the Caster Summons table?




Yes ^^

One positive aspect about class summon is that there is no “spooks.”

I really want a copy or a two of Medb and I don’t want to wait so long (at least a year for her dual rate-up in next year’s Valentine’s to almost two years for her solo rate-up). I am still not 100% decided if I should roll or not in this upcoming Rider class banner.
It’s all RNG so…hmmm…


Yup, the class based summon banners are horrible if you’re aiming for a particular servant for that class.

If you have very few gold servants of a particular class and would be happy with ANY of them showing up, then rolling on the class banner is fine. But if you’re aiming for someone specifically, then you’re better off just waiting for a rate-up.


She gets a solo rateup in 2 yrs with the ushi alter event

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yea, I’ll probably go finish np5ing my salieri and stop

shouldn’t take long, given he’s the only r servant I could get


Dagnabbit. I honestly wouldn’t care for him but back when I started this game I burned him not knowing bout being story locked etc. And each time I look in my Rank Up/Interlude area his stupid greyed out face is there, taunting me. If DW would remove him cause he’s not in my Chaldea, no problem.


He’ll prob get a rateup with lostbelt 6 anyways so just wait then

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or some sort of camelot movie promo banner thing

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Why would caster cu be on a camelot movie banner


err, lmao, I thought we were talking about bedi :fgo_gudako:

just goes to show how much I’m not paying attention rn

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Re: the rates

Yes they’re worse but with an *

They are worse than rate up. They just are. A solo rate up is .7 now, .8 soon.

But some of these people rarely if ever get a solo rate up. Or are story locked (Gorgon). So if you roll the Extra banner, you have a 50/50 shot that the 4* is Gorgon, or 1.5%. That is the rate up of a single 4* Servant like Astraea today. And compared to the 0% on almost every other banner.

So mostly they’re bait but not always. I’ll do a 10-roll on Extra gor that basically guaranteed last Salieri copy.


It would probably take you one multi to complete your Salieri ^^
I could possibly throw one multi or just do single pulls to complete mine; he’s at NP3 - need two more copies.

@crono_clone : True. hmm… it’s all RNG though… I could limit myself with conditions such as: stop once I get four more copies of Red Hare to complete his NP5; X amount of SQs; stop after the first Rider SSR; and etc.
I would have to wait a very long time for Medb’s rate-up…ha…hmmm…

@We_re_Ace_Sniper : Yes, I am aware of it (that is why I said “almost two years for her solo rate-up”) and then she has another one during the collab event; Grail Live).


I still need 2 Bedi, 2 Jaguar, and 1 Salieri to go, but not sure if it’s worth it. I probably have used Jaguar the most, but much less now anyways.


I’ll probably toss tix first, and then do that single multi, if he still isn’t done


Yes ^^ always tickets first if it’s available. I forgot about it since I currently have 0 summon tickets haha.

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Personally, I’m quite excited for the class-based summons and intend to pull for Extra Classes, because I actually want all of them: Jeanne, Lobo, Sitonai, Gorgon, and Salieri.

As I understand it, Class-based summons don’t spook, so…

The shared Extra banner will be like this:

  • 0.5% Jeanne
  • 0.5% Sitonai

instead of this:

  • 0.4% Jeanne
  • 0.4% Sitonai
  • 0.2% spooks

or this:

  • 0.7% Jeanne
  • 0.3% spooks

That’s a huge improvement.

Similarly, Gorgon and Lobo will be a good split as well:

  • 1.5% Gorgon
  • 1.5% Lobo

Salieri will be the full 4%, so I’ll probably get him NP2+.

I don’t know about the rest, but the Extra Banner is totally worth pulling and will get my SQ.


np5 sitonai means I could use the extra banner to stock up on usos