Class Change - Which servants?

You use George with Hans?

Never understood why other saints gets to be ruler while georgios stuck to rider(atleast saber would be better).
I want lancer altera, avenger medea and berserker hyde


I have said it before and I’ll say it again…
DW, GIMME A BROKEN ARCHER KARNA, YOU COWARDS ! He deserves to be properly broken as in his myth, in the right class this time.

Also can you just maybe change MHX’s class to say Archer while you’re at it DW, so she can fully utilize her anti-saber niche.

I think that you are the coward for not using a Assassin against Sabers

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Karna (Archer)
Merlin (Saber)
Arthur (Lancer)

And why you don’t design your dreamed Karna Archer in the design thread?

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Blackbeard should have been a berserker. And not a terrible person but I digress.


Archer Rama
Saber Regend
Saber Raikou
Archer Herc
These are the few I’d like to see in their strongest class. There a lot more but can’t really remember all of their classes.



I would except I can’t design to save my life. I’d probably give him super broken skills and throw any semblance of balance out the window, then I’d complain he’s too broken to be used.

I doubt there’s any assassin out there that I’d use aside from Shiki and maybe Kama when she comes out. Unless there’s a gimmicky CQ or something that happens to be her thing. Also, I like playing with class advantage most of the time, just to see how much high damage my servants can do. Besides, wouldn’t changing MHX’s class to Archer just make her extra viable with an easily exploitable niche. Afterall, sometimes in a quest the only thing that saves you is the reduced damage that you take due to class resist, and it also makes the quests shorter as you do extra damage thus kill the enemies faster.

For that reason we on the thread help with balance advices

Ushiwakamaru Saber
Kojirou Saber
Nero Rider

I assume these will happen eventually.


You’re telling me you don’t like using Shuten, KH, Semiramis or Jack? The assassin class is full of great servants.

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Smell like a coward for me :fgo_rinlaugh:

And seriously you should hice it a try, i made a Achilles zerk, you can have fun making a servant and designing them for there lore

Wallet-kun shudders at the abuse he’ll see the day these finally happen :fgo_casgilworry:

Emiya caster he does qualify for so…
and well true jack the reaper as berserker since assasins its just his victims

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Future two star servants? Seriously Emiya isn’t a good mage, probably he is better then Amakusa but that isn’t hard

Both Jack qualify as Berserker, and they aren’t his victims Jack is kinda more and less complicated then that

Not that I don’t like them, I just like using Shiki that much more, that I don’t choose to use anyone else, to me Shiki is the reason I joined this game, she’s very important to me