Class change

Do you think we will ever get more servants like Henry Jekyll & Hyde?

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Hes one of a kind!


I don’t think so. Henry Jekyll & Hyde are a special matter since in Fate/Prototype, the work they’re from, they’re acting as the Berserker of that Holy Grail War.
I’m guessing they weren’t meant to change class in the first place, but DW wanted to emphesize that they are two beings in one, so they made Jekyll an Assassin and made him change into a Berserker (Hyde).


I actually think it would have made sense to have Apocrypha Vlad start as a Lancer and turn into a Berserker via Legend of Dracula.

If they ever do a Tsukihime event, I’d like to see an Assassin Tohno Shiki who turns into Berserker (or perhaps Alter Ego) Nanaya Shiki with high instant death chance on all face cards.


I would think we’ll see more things of the kind appear in the future.
There’s certain skills already that alter a Servant’s or the entire front’s class-modifier, some skills that expressly change damage-modifier vs a certain class have been a thing since MHX, another upcoming example of which’d be Kama.
Now that card-altering has premiered with spehz Ishtar, I’d think developers recall class-change, too.

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It would be neat if Yuri pirates switched after NP.


I mean, they could have make the same thing worked out with Berserker Vlad and Atalante but look at what we got. As much as I want him to be truly unique, someone will indeed come having the same concept.

Plus, Angra Mainyuu after NP himself sorta looks like Hyde’s monstrous form but we’re talking about just Class Change so he doesn’t really count.

I was thinking it might make sense for a werewolf servant, but most cases I’ve found (such as Lycaon) would make sense to be constantly in werewolf form rather than transforming into it. Except maybe Damarchus, an Olympian boxer that took part in the festival of Lycaea (eat human flesh to get turned into a wolf by Zeus, and if you didn’t eat any more human flesh for 10 years you’d change back, otherwise you stayed a wolf forever). But then again, being a boxer makes berserker the most likely class since he doesn’t use a particular weapon type, so maybe that isn’t a good case either.

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I had some nagging curiosity while I played through Shinjuku…

which was…

Does Jekyll get that bonus bond point if he turned into Hyde midway through battle? Because Hyde’s alignment is evil, so, why not?

Well, apparently, not… heheh :fgo_casgilworry:

Brought him to finish off Lobo because Hyde’s always my last man standing (I already had OG Cu and Proto-Cu at that point, but I got them too late I hadn’t had time to get used to their survival kit. Heck I even forgot Cu Alter and OG Cu has guts like 90% of the time I use them). Yea, no bonus bond point for Jekyll anyway.