Class restrictions

Those rampaging heavies that take the 3 block to stop have me wondering about CC.

For class restrictions does anyone know if ‘guards and defenders’ are always paired together?
Or are the types paired together randomly depending on the map?

I don’t have any AOE guards at all, and getting one to E2 for the 3 block would take some investment.

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This is all assuming we’ll get the same as the CN server got but:
That is the set restrictions for the Permanent stage, but each of the daily stages have their own restrictions which are shuffled around (so even though there are only two maps, each time they’ll have different restrictions. I.e. some daily stages may have No Defenders or Medics, No Casters or Snipers, or even “No Melee” or “No Ranged.”

While an AoE guard would be helpful for a few “No Defenders or _” maps, just keep in mind it won’t be for that restriction because of the “No Guards.” Your melees would be restricted to vanguards and specialists.

Here’s the link to the daily stages from the CN version if you want the full details, just remember it’s not fully guaranteed that we’ll get the same.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Yeah I understand that, I just don’t want to get stuck in an impossible situation because I don’t have any AOE guards (or any other specific unit type for that matter). I guess I’ll be fine though. I haven’t seen any instances in the game so far where any one thing is truly necessary and hopefully that’s the same with CC. There’s always friend supports anyway I guess.