Class Specific Summoning Banner

I rolled the saber banner xause I was hoping for NP2 Mo or even a Nero spook. Got Altera so I’m not salty.


I really want at last 1 copy of Columbus, so I might go for the Rider day.

Ana is close though and she is there real priority.

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Might try Rider for the elusive Columbus, the only 3 star I’m missing, but the thot queen is also there, so it’s a tough decision…

Lancer for Jaguar Warrior is also tempting in order to better bully any delinquents I come across. :fgo_delinquent:
However, she at least gets other rate-ups while Columbus doesn’t.

Definitely going after Salieri when the Extra class has its own banner, he’s cool.

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I think the RNG gods are playing with me. Last year’s class banner I tried whaling for Waver but ended up with Scheherazade, Tamamo, and Sanzhang all at NP3.
This year, I tried rolling for Waver during Chaldea Boys and finally got him. At the same time ended up with almost 15 copies of Bedi and NP3 Columbus. I know how rare they are an I feel bad that I can’t give any away.
Now I would like an NP2 Jack and Quetzalcoatl but not urgent so I’m not sure to roll or to wait for any single rate up for both

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I think I’m one of the few who plan to roll on this banner. The Caster banner to be precise. My only gold Caster is Helena and while she does a decent job of things, I need either a more dedicated support or a single target Caster not named Medea.

Odds are low but I have budgeted enough for 4 multi rolls.


Rolled for a laugh last night.

Got Tristan, my personal second-best of potential rolls.
I’m good, I’m outtie.


Well, last night I was kind in a funk, no SQ left and received the extra 10 SQ . I said “whatever” and decided to roll. First yolo, a 3* CE. 2nd, gold sparks… Tristan!! I was looking forward to get him eventually and one of my potential candidates for the last free SR ticket. What if…? I decided to try my last yolo roll. Emiya Alter!! Same story, plus he was in my list since I had him in the JP server. Now Tristan is lvl 80, but E. Alter is stuck in his second ascension because I have not enough chains. Chain farming time! :smiley:


Who would have been your first choice? Arjuna? :grin:

I actually would have appreciated NP3 Arjuna! But no, goes: Tesla (even though I highly dislike him, he’s useful) > Tristan = NP4 Nyanta > NP2 Altmiya (= Arjuna) >> Archer Inferno.


Hmm, Tesla. You’re right, I don’t feel much for him so I didn’t think about him.

I even thought you might have meant Orion as your top pick :smile: but Tesla makes more sense

Orion is strong, and he’s the best anti-Male Saber you could ask for. Disgusting mats but respectably powerful and reliable.

But I hate Orion (Artemis) more than I do even Tesla, who is “merely” obnoxious to me, so he’d be an uh… last pick, after Inferno Archer after Arjuna. >_>


Orion is someone who really benefited from the NP upgrade.

The reliability is there now for the NP drain that was lacking before, and that really helps with the stall.

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Right? What a stellar upgrade. If you want a stall-based Archer, he’s your target - or one of, anyway. Altmiya ain’t half-bad either, just less reliable in that department among other things. Worth noting, too, he’s even got respectable damage (in a vacuum, 5th best overall), outside of anti-Trait damage; he’s not like Euryale wherein you better well be hitting your target or you fall off hard.

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Same. I’m normally an Artemis (the real mythological version we have) fan, but this Nasuverse version is…

Basically my reaction is like Atalante’s, except I would have immediately NPed the world or gone berserk.

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Hmm I do really need to level up some of my servants to make a stall team, but I’ve been severely out of resources since…Christmas.

Ugh, when is the next lottery?? :sob::sob:

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September :slight_smile:

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Re: Artemis: Same. I basically only think about Super Orion, heh.

And look on the bright side! We’ll have at least a few dead weeks on the horizon (KOGETSUKAN, etc.), even before 3rd Anni brings 1/2 AP Dailies! Well before Gilfest.

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Ohhhh 1/2 dailies! Yay! Finally something worth appling for!

And you’re right, the next big event after Saber Wars isn’t until May right?

Not quite. By JP schedule:


  • LB1
  • Go West! Rerun
  • F/Apoc pre-collab banner -> Inheritance of Glory/Apoc collab.

Then May brings:

  • Interlude Campaign 5
  • KOGETSUKAN (no shop mind)
  • GDGD 2 Rerun
  • Hunting Quests 4

(Ofc, NA may well change due to scheduling stuff, as always happens around this time of the year.)

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Hmm ok, so I’ll need my servants in April to punch Kotomine in the face. And then Kogetsukan and Gudaguda the following month.

Embers are such a pain to grind when they’re not 1/2 AP, ugh.