Class value tier list

Hey guys. Here’s a little topic for you I have been ruminating upon for a while: based on their individual rosters, how would you rank the classes in the games from a purely gameplay-centric perspective?

Here’s my list:
Alter Ego

Casters are at the top for obvious reasons, as this is the class that tends to define the meta at large and people’s individual team comps in particular, and on top of that, a lot of them are key farmers or farm-enablers, which is a big deal in a game that is all about farming.

The idea that there is no bad Archer is a meme, but it’s really close to the truth. The class has a wide variety of nukers and swipes, and it is especially F2P friendly with Arash, Euryale, Robin, Billy and the two welfares.

Zerkers nab the third spot for three reasons: they are the premiere mixed node farmers, with Sparty being a standout F2P option, they are most people’s primary option for dealing with stray Ruler bosses, and because they have the two premiere soloers in the form of Cu Alter and Herc.

The rest of the rankings were a fair bit harder to put together, but I would argue that Riders are a bit ahead of the rest of the pack thanks to Ushi, no less than three strong welfares, and all of the 5*s being fairly good (yes, even Medb, not a lot of servants that can deal half a mil of NP damage without buffstacking), with Ozy being a standout even amongst them.

Sabers are just a hair behind riders in my opinion, with a lot of really powerful servants with useful niches and specializations , however they are held back by so many of them falling into the same AOE wave nuker category without much to differentiate themselves from their peers and making them somewhat redundant.

Lancers are a polarizing class, with practically all the five stars being good, but aside of two amazing outliers (plus Cu), the rest of them range from okay to downright bad, so I think it’s fair to place them in the middle.

Alter Egos are a weird case, because they are all pretty good on paper, and they are wonderful for patching up holes in a beginner/intermediate master’s roster. However, while they are a good solution for a lot of situations, they are rarely the best, and it makes them increasingly more redundant as a master’s roster fills out over time.

Assassins, while possessing some really good servants, suffer from two huge problems: the whole class’s 0.9x attack modifier, which is just baffling on a damage dealing class, and the fact that due to the class rock-paper-scissors mechanic, the traditional caster supports are usually not viable for them, which holds them back tremendously.

Rulers are not exactly a highly populated class, and while each individual Ruler has good situational utility, outside of countering a CQ or a hard story boss, they don’t really make any waves in most content.

Finally, Avengers are sadly at the bottom because they are just fairly lackluster and they mainly exist to counter an already exceedingly rare class. Yes, Jalter is good, but we could argue that she is good despite her class, and while Dantes and Lobo will get a huge boost out of Skadi later, as of now, Avengers are easily the most underpowered class in the game.

What is your opinion? Do you agree or disagree with my assessments? Discuss away!


Caster the top priority, agreed, with all the support there.
I would rank berserker second though, for their versitility.
Third would probably be Ruler or Avenger, Ruler for their supreme challenge quest potential and Avenger for their high damage and versatility, especially after we had skadi next year.
Next would be Archer in my opinion, Ishtar, Gil, Tesla are all great servant.
I would say Lancer is next, Karna, Latoria are really great AOE Lancer and Eresh is coming soon as well.
Rider seems a bit low here, but their kit are pretty outdated tbh, especially Ozy’s.
Sabers, overall have bad and outdated kit except for few.
AlterEgo, Moon Cancer are still pretty rare in NA now, so didn’t bother too much about that.
Assasin? Just use Berserker for now and wait for skadi.

For the most part, I can agree to the ranking of each class save for some. I’d argue Zerks should be ahead of Archers as well as Sabers should be ahead of Riders. Reason being is that Zerks boasting better offensive and farming presence due to them having class adv against most things so they have better general use.Sure they tend to be piss poor on both the utility and defensive side but when it comes to leaving a dent into the enemy a fulll powered Zerk would blow everyone else out of the water.

As for the Saber and Rider swap. I’d say most of them falling under AoE farming roll is more of a boon imo. Mostly because you simply got more options considering a lot of the AoE Sabers tend to pack their own nieches to bolster their farming even further. Whether it be (future) Gawain for his highpowered solar blasts to take on beefier nodes or Siegfried to take out a wave of strong dragon enemies that your typical assassin farmer can’t reliably one shot or maybe someone like Suzuka who can handle both a wave and single mid-boss with her crits on the next. Having a class specializing in AoE farming more than justifies them being placed higher than a class who mostly has ST options. Which isn’t a bad thing per say and could also work in their favour to be higher but when it comes down to general gameplay, having more farming options in a game like FGO would make them better.

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I think this kinda evens the playing-field, even considering handicaps such as the one listed for skullpeople. When a node does have horse-icon enemies that can’t be easily dealt with right as they appear, bringing in either casters or ever brittle zerk may not be a good idea, after all.

Having said that, Ruler-scales and Avenger-flaming heads, other than vs zerk their mostly neutral damage does indeed narrow the playing field they are most ideal in. Might change with more Ruler- and Mooncancer-enemies being pushed out by developers, though, and at times their neutral damage may still be good enough vs a mixed class-node.

The only tier that really matters :stuck_out_tongue: . /kappa


Wait, why is Astolfo on there?

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For the same reason as Eon and Enkidu, has all the goods. :fgo_kiarasmile:


Interesting idea. The way support Casters can define an entire meta puts them high on such a list without question.

As for the rest, aside from a few universal points like the versatility of Berserkers, there’s a lot of room for preference. I can see Avenger as a class rising in many players’ estimation when we get the full power of Dantes+Skadi up and running. Personally I used to ignore Assassins, but now I use Cleo as one of my go-to neutral AoE damage-dealers, and there’s definitely some value in Servants with insane generation stats independent of outside buffs and CEs. The catch being, of course, that you have to whale their NPs and feed them a diet of Fous and even Grails if desired in order to compensate for their poor natural ATK.

I mean, d’Eon is intersex, and Enkidu’s body is based on a woman, but Astolfo is a straight-up dude. Kinda makes me feel sorry for Liz and company in the same tier…

Heresy! Astolfo is minimum S tier waifu material. You are just measuring in the wrong places.


I believe that is a tier list of bust size, not overall waifu-ness.

Like I said, measuring in the wrong places :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ahh, okay. Just making sure. ;-)

Also, I agree. Astolfo is total bae.

what part of “meme list” don’t you understand?

Rider > Archer > Assassin > Berkserker > Caster > Avenger > Ruler > Saber > Lancer > the rest is useless

I feel like lancers get undervalued, in part due to poor internals, but they have the best lineup of anti-trait nukers. IMO.

oh I just dont like most of them

I wasn’t trying to directly counter your point, just making a general observation.

Jack’s anti-female is really good, but lancers have Scathach’s anti-divine/undead, Tamamo shark’s anti-male, and Enkidu is sort of anti-divine and now also anti-threat to humanity. not that’ll ever comes up.

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I highly value Lancers since Archer enemies are among the toughest. Short charge bar plus many Archer servants have an NP charge skill. Tesla and Napoleon also have AoE NPs with Ignore Invincibility, making them very difficult opponents. So Lancers might not be the best in neutral, but you damn sure need good Lancers against Archer bosses.

Ranking the classes in a sort of tier list doesn’t really make any sense to me, but there is a clearly defined best and worst category.

The only class that has a bad issue with having a plethora of weak servants is probably Assassin, considering the developers honestly don’t seem like they even understand what they want to do with the class themselves given so many low damage and/or low crit-gen units. I just don’t know what they’re doing making characters with these sorts of kits on top of an already low 0.9x modifier.

Similarly, Archers just have a plethora of well-designed servants suitable for their class, and in general they’re just strong choices overall with few exceptions. I think there’s a good argument for it being owed to Casters as well, but at least by my standards Archers are on average the most stable and strongest class.