Class value tier list

Avenger > Ruler > Archer > Alter Ego > Rider > Caster > Saber > Lancer > Assassin > Berserker

Though, I feel like Caster could also come behind Saber/Lancer, but w/e.

Top 3:


Support units


Best AoE damage dealer in the game in the current meta, one of the best general use pointman still even after the meta shift.


A general top tier rosters with Martha as the sole anomaly. Holmes is a bit irrelevant these days because his niche hasn’t really popped up in a long time, and QSH has completely supplanted him as a general use utility NP attacker, but that’s the nature of a gimmick specialist anyway

Bottom 3:

Alter Ego

Trash class, with some usable servants. I love Melt, but as far as internal spec goes, she barely makes the Skadi cut, similar to MHXA, but MHXA has full advantage coverage and she doesn’t. She can’t compete against Kintoki Rider for killing Casters, and MHX/Jack/Kama for killing Rider either. Sitonai doesn’t really have any competition, but her class really holds her back. Her internals are top notch, but similar to Melt there’s just too much competition for cavalries killing.


Bride outside, they don’t have any outstanding, game-defining servant. Beni-enma is ok, but she doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Okita is carried entirely by her internals with an awfully vanilla and outdated kit, and worse, she’s entirely replaceable by Saber Diarmuid who makes his own stars, is tankier, and remove defense buffs.


Same problem as Sabers, no real outstanding units. Parvati has a LB king-tier kit with overloaded abilities, NP and internals, but she’s capped out by her poor base stats and SR status, and is like Ivan, where she’s strong but not really game changing. Same goes for the rest, at best they’re just good beatsticks (Karna/Raikou/Bryn/Banana)

Special (Dishonorable) Mention: Pool of servants too small


Welfare BB is decent but niche. Jinako is trash. Summer BB is gimmicky at best, and ultimately mediocre.


Hokusai was decent, until Skadi came along and rendered her nearly irrelevant, and Da Vinci (Loli) finished the job. A NP interlude will patch up her biggest issue though, and she has the advantage over Gil/Dantes/Arjuna Alter sweeps in that she doesn’t need doubling up of any support. A NP interlude will go along way toward helping her catch up though. Abi on the other hand was pretty much irrelevant since release. She’s not terrible, and her kit has some decent tools, but low NP gain, gimmick class and horrid skill CD, in addition to the shift to AoE CQ never gave her an opportunity to shine

The rest:


MHXA, Cu Alter and Arjuna Alter carries the class. Special mention to USAshi, who previously hold the title as the only attacker that can 7T Dantes Prison Tower CQ by herself, before Space Ishtar came along. The other clears require a combination of Arjuna Alter and Dantes, due to the 7 waves format.


Kama is beastly and is in contention for the best ST damage dealer in the game, Jack is still decent, and after 4 years MHX is finally the best Saber killer in the game (while also being a very competent Rider and Berserker killer).


Gil’s been dethroned by Dantes and Arjuna Alter, but if you need sustained burst past 2/3 turns, Gil’s still the king. Ishtar and Tesla are excellent as well, and the low rarity Archer lineup is solid across the board. Jeanne Archer is the best farmer in the game when the lottery node are Sabers due to her ability to have 6 free CE frames,


Kintoki Rider was a beast before Skadi, and even more-so after. Achilles is overall top notch in the post Skadi world, for both fast play and slow(er) play. Loli Vinci, while not meta-shaking level, is a good AoE CQ pointman when you need constant , reliable AoEe damage, and a major enabler for less-optimal farming comps. Drake/Ozy/Mordred are also honorable mentions, even if they aren’t meta

For me, from top to bottom

Alter ego
All the rest

Rulers with their damage halved are simply magnificent. So many way to use them