Claude’s Cunning Bow

So those -5 penalties during combat… do ALL enemies get that (assuming the “10” criteria is met), letting ALL of Claude’s allies take advantage of the -5/-5/-5/-5?

Or just him?

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Pretty sure it’s only on Claude.


I wondered about that, but doesn’t Tharja Hex -4/-4 let everyone on her team take advantage of it? Idk the difference in terminology

Tharja’s Hex is a field debuff (or negative Spur if you want).
Cunning Bow only works on the unit itself.

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Tharjas Hex: “Adds total bonuses on unit to damage dealt. Inflicts Atk/Spd-4 on foes within 2 spaces during combat.”

Thats the key point here. Claudes doesn’t have an effect like that.


So it applies debuffs on the foe, but only Claude can use them?

Makes sense. I suspect “Inflict” is the key word that Claude is missing?

I was more so focused on the “within 2 spaces”.

So anywhere Tharja is standing, 2 spaces around her the affect applies.


Ha, I see where you are coming from. That makes sense also, even more so.

One thing I am unsure about, does his default B skill work against his bow? Kinda how Dull range negates “the cleaner”

Lull speed/def neutralizes some enemy buffs, so are the still counted as “bonuses”?

edit: ehh nvm, doesnt make sense lol

Oh good one! At first glance it seems be counter intuitive at first glance

It works for his bow actually. He uses the enemy’s debuffs and his own buffs.


I was thinking it counted opponents bonuses rather than their penalty.

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You know, the more I am looking at this, I’m still not sure it won’t act like Tharjas Hex

These both say “inflict”, and I’m not thinking the 2 space is relevant. Dare I say Claude with +6 from L Azura can give the entire enemy team -5/-5/-5/-5 and ALL his allies can take advantage of this??

@Seeker @My_Dude @MiThiKaL thoughts gentlemen?

If I am right, Claude is going to be super powerful. If I am wrong, he will be middle of the road.

I know IS can be bad with wording but if they did function the same, dont you think they would leave out the “2 spaces” thing? Otherwise it has no true meaning.

You can test your “inflicts” theory with beasts, such as Panne. Her weapon says the following:
“If unit transforms, grants Atk+2, and if unit initiates combat, inflicts Atk/Def-4 on foe during combat and foe cannot make a follow-up attack.”

Edit: Cunning bow would need to be more specific on who it inflicts the effect to, if it in fact helped teammates. Since it doesnt say within 2 spaces or maybe “adjacent foes”, Im not sold that it helps anyone other than himself.


You have a great point that 1) IS wording is super poor, and 2) good comparison to the beast units, but tbh idk if it works for beasts as well.

It could be for now the “inflict” is so powerful they cap it at 2 spaces instead of the ENTIRE board(since there is no mention of 2 spaces, nor no mention of this foe ONLY), but with poor IS wording I am not seeing specifically where they draw that line.


If it would affect multiple units they would have said so. And beasts only affect the unit they’re attacking. Book of Shadows is another weapon with debuffs and it also only works on the for you’re in combat with.


I’m response to your edit, I tend to think you are correct in this situation, BUT I’m not 100% sure based on said poor wording, and also IS isn’t above power creep.

That said, if I were a betting man, I’m going with you.

I haven’t tested beasts, you are probably right. And Book of Shadows is another great example, and while I haven’t tested it, I’ve used small Azura think her teammates don’t get the benefits.

Good discussion fellas, think I am sold on this until he comes out and someone tests him to make certain.