Claydol solo

If I max out the Darkrai and Weavile, would this team be good enough in neutral weather?

I would love to max out my 98% Chandelure, but need another 100+ candies.

Unless it’s been buffed since, I used to solo Claydol with my best water team. If nothings changed, that should still be possible. Got any more Kyogre or Community Day Swampert/Feraligatr?

Most defintely. Beware however because Claydol has a lot more chances to hit Gengar hard.

(Mud Slap, Earth Power and Psychic is buffed)

It’s a good team. I’ll switch orders though. Gengar as a lead is fine. Then TTars, followed by Kyogre. Now, for Darkrai. It’s a good option despite being level 20, but you could put anything else at the back rather than the Weavile. Something like a Swampert or Venusaur should be just fine.

I did the solo using Roserades and it was pretty difficult despite being Sunny. When you face Claydol’s raid, your fight is against the clock because unless it has Confusion/Psychic it barely does damage.

It’s a tough fight, good luck!

Here’s an example of that raid:

Actually T-Tar cannot beat Claydol by a mile unless it’s fog boosted. The TTW on Pokebattler was more than 200 secs.

I’m starting to think without Kyogre, Claydol’s Solo it’s a weather-solo. But I could be wrong.

Actually, it isn’t; I think with 4 or 5 Kinglers with Bubble/Crabhammer or Weaviles with Snarl/Avalanche, you can solo it. (Probably add in a Mamoswine or Community Day Swampert if you wish)



One Feraligatr and one Swampert at level 30, with the rest at much lower levels, plus a level 40 Gyarados.

Gyarados is insufficient in neutral even at lv40 and 15 ATK ivs. Feraligatr as well, but Swampert should be barely fine.

So I went ahead to max out the Weavile and CTM it to Avalanche, while replacing the Tyranitars with Mamoswines.

If I max out the Darkrai, how doable is the solo in neutral weather? Any advice (I suppose I need to use the empty party trick)?

Darkrai is even stronger than Kyogre (And I mean MUCH stronger) so it’s nigh on mandatory in Neutral now.

Also, you can bring in a Kingler with Crabhammer and that increases your winning chances as well. (Or better, a Crawdaunt with Snarl and Crabhammer)

I would move Darkrai to the last possition because as it it is only level 20 it would slow your fight to much (even to the point of not being able to win).

If Darkrai is level 35 (or higher) it is stronger then a level 40 Kyogre, as it is only level 20 in that party it isn’t as strong as the rest of the party.

I asked

If you maxed it out I would move it to the first position of your party (and Gengar to the last position…).

Thanks for all the advice. I maxed out the Darkrai and placed it in first position, with the Gengar last. On my actual attempt, I used the empty party trick, the Claydol had Earthquake and I succeeded in only 161 seconds (Pokebattler estimated I would take 172), not even needing the Gengar at all.