Cleaned phone, lost bind screenshots, lost my account, LOST MY STREAK! TT-TT

Cleaned my phone with an app that i’ve been using for years and never gave me trouble, this time it thought it would be funny to delete all my fgo data AND the entire gallery files, where i saved my bind codes screenshots, something it NEVER did before! It took me 3 days to recover my account and with it my precious streak died TT-TT
Anyone here who’s a day 1 player and kept their logins both until the Jailter nuke, then after it? Because if i was the last one of our endangered species, i failed you my friends TT-TT image

I would suggest not storing your bind code exclusively on the device you may need to use it to transfer your account off of. That’s kinda like backing up your hard drive to a second partition on the same drive.


I didn’t, i also wrote it down, but i couldn’t find the paper i wrote it after searching it everywhere TT-TT

I suggest making a google doc / iOS equivalent thing that only your email has access to, and upload that to your google drive / Dropbox / iOS equivalent. Store your transfer code(s) there.

although this would not be a problem if they let google play / app store game center save our progress, but then again they may have their own reasons

EDIT: Considered the existence of iOS players

Now that you’ve done it you can tell it wasn’t actually funny. Lesson learned, I guess? :fgo_judge:

Also F on the Streak. The Jailter Nuke destroyed the login morality of a lot of people.

unistalled that garbage app forever, that piece of shit

Next time do what i did and do it multiple times through multiple mediums just to be sure.

On my recent birthday i bought a new phone and when it was time to transfer my account I had my code on my secondary email, on my college email, written in a note in my closet, in a picture in my old phone as well as written in a PDF file on my PC and in my portable hard drive.

You could still potentially retrieve it, you know, depending on how much you remember or your friends have access to. I recall just the SL as it’s shown being enough to help at times, across multiple servers.

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by the way, everyone’s streak in NA is broken last year when they had 24 hours maintenance lol.

I will never understand why, of all things on your account, the total login streak is important.

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Setup Google photos and its built in backup. It will automatically sync your screenshots into cloud AND keep your photos of your phone, which means you will not run out of space.

You can also backup data to your google account.