Well guess I found one of the best flying pokemon

Given how it’s 1/16th chance to get hidden power flying (can never get normal or fairy hidden powers), and how brave Bird has been buffed since I caught him, there’s about the best flying type, considering both damage and endurance (& typing too, it shreds grass and bugs and does resist fighting unlike Honchkrow or normal/flying types)

I dont like fire types though, so it’s open to trade lol, maybe someone in our local community will find a use for it

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I found one of the worst ground type pokemon


Hmm so ground hits:
Electric (weak to electric)
Rock (Firebirds’ natural enemy)
Poison (no STAB, no resistance)

Suppose it actually is something against other fire types and steel since ground doesn’t resist those? Bit impractical though, I wonder if in the future it’s supposed to work with Sacred Fire (+ Earthquake) and a decent fast move for PvP usage.

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Yes, but electric isn’t weak to electric. I’m waiting for Sacred Fire. Lugia get Aeroblast
Why not …after cobalion, virizion and terrakion on raid Ho-oh was appearing with Sacred Fire
BTW heatran was fire and steel type pokemon unfortunately with stone edge


He means that Ho-Oh is weak to Electric (since it is a Flying-type).

Ohh never mind stupid mercury retrograde @hkn @DavidsonZet

He read what I said straight
But what I was analyzing was Ho-oh’s effectiveness with Earthquake

So I stated the 5 types ground is super effective against but noted on brackets how ho oh reacts to them
And effectively Ho-oh would deal SE damage against electrics but also take SE damage from them
Same with Rock (doubly)
And Ho-oh has less advantage over poison types than a regular ground type since ground does resist poison.

I have one too! I powered him up to level 40 and even gave him another charged move. Now I’m just waiting for Sacred Fire… and a better fast move. Gust would be great!

I haven’t used him that much unfortunately, though he allowed me, my sister and my mother to trio a Virizion the first time it was around. The raid ended while we were fighting so we only got the one chance. We had 6 seconds left on the clock when we beat the raid boss. Ho-Oh definitely carried its weight!

On an unrelated note, I was quite sad that Niantic “shrunk” Ho-Oh. It used to be so majestic!

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Joining the “waiting for Sacred Fire” club. Helios is ready!

I’m glad I’m not the only one lol. It bothers me just a smidge that Ho-Oh’s in-game model is smaller than a Pidgeot.


Well, this was included in the updates for season 5 of GBL. It’s a start!


Nice! Any idea of if its going to be damage-heavy or energy-heavy?

Also answers the question of if we are getting a Chandelure CD. :laughing: I really scratch my head at what Niantic decides are CD moves and which are just movepool expansions. :woozy_face:

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No clue yet, but I’m sure the dataminers will know soon-ish once the move parameters get added. My hope it it’s a high-EPT move, as we already have a high damage move (Fire Fang), an average move (Fire Spin) and the “just ok” move (Ember).

I’m guessing the opposite: high damage move. A lot of the 'mon getting it already have Fire Spin or another energy-slanted move so my guess is something more along the lines of Confusion. But IDK, could be anything!

I don‘t think the Chandelure CD question is really answered for that matter. Niantic could still decide to make the move Inferno a Charge Move and give that to Chandelure via CD (assuming it would get a useful move, as it‘s movepool isn‘t really that diverse)