Clever team names

So, with the expansion of team slots months ago, we also got a chance to name our teams.

Mine–with a few exceptions–are standard fare: a few unnamed teams focusing on ailment immunities, “Mercurial” for each element, one for each element dedicated to levelling up, and some for void dragons, high greatwyrms, Agito, and so forth.

Got a couple themed teams that are said exceptions.

Yeah, made a Light team dedicated to the FEH OC’s…with someone extra slipping in (there needs to be healing, after all!). Named it after a little tic that Feh the owl sometimes uses during Feh Channel, with the question mark drawing attention to the odd one out. :fehbirb:

After Joker came home today, this idea was too good to pass up. Named it after Smash 4’s ad campaign, because Smash Bros. Recovery is a bit lacking, though, but it’s not a serious team in the slightest.

So, anyone got some they’d like to share?

No Veronica 0/10 on the Feh team

Smash team… Mega Man is playable?

I could’ve put Vero in there–she is playable–but this was one of my primary curse res teams. I have space to add a team with Veronica, though!

As for the second…yeah, there was a Mega Man crossover event a long while ago. The Blue Bomber himself needs a spiral, though…I wonder when or if his event will rerun?

Edit: And here we go. One 100% FEH, coming up.

…we need a slot 5 so I can put Fjorm in there too.

Ngl I forgot Fjorm existed…

Bringing this thread back because they announced Mars for Trials of the Mighty…after they rereleased the FEH events…

You know where this is going. :feh_gordin:

(My other TotM teams are simply named after the boss they are fighting.)