I just got Cliffheart.
Is she good?
Her design is both cute and cool at the same time

She’s basically a second Rope. There’s really no appreciable difference between them other than that Cliffheart is a 5* and has all the downsides that come with that. (harder to level up, promote, and increase potential.) Cliffheart does deal arts damage while Rope deals physical, but that doesn’t really matter when they’re mostly used to drag enemies into pits.

TL;DR Use Rope instead of Cliffheart unless you have a bunch of materials just rotting in your depot and can get her to max potential.

Unless you’re going for a waifu team, in which case by all means use Cliffheart.

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due to other gacha games i prefer having higher rarities than low, it also looks good when sharing gameplay/screenshots what not.

but as stated above,- cliffheart’s job is to pull in, such as rope, so it is only a matter of how much you wish to invest.


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