Close Call Soleil: A skill?

Alright, so I caved and pulled for a Mareeta. Used more orbs than I would have liked to and was pitybroken by Kliff (Ninian now has FDR), but I got her. Levelled her, got her DFs and her Conversation, then fed her to Soleil for Close Call 3.

Jow there’s another question. With mitigation based on her SPD, should I change her A skill?
At the moment, she looks like this.

I’m debating between Galeforce and Aether, leaning towards Galeforce, and I’d like to use FB as her seal. But the question is what to use as her A skill?

Option 1.) Keep Swift Sparrow/upgrade to SS3. Especially if I use Galeforce and FB, Swift Sparrow will up her SPD on initiation, mitigate the damage she takes on the counter, and prime Galeforce for her to go in again or step back if needed. After Close Call’s Hit and Run effect, of course.

Option 2.) Life and Death. Allows for more mix-phase SPD where Close Call mitigates her DEF/RES reduction. With LD4, she’s up to iver 50 SPD base, when I finish her DFs.

Option 3.) ATK/SPD Solo. Almost identical to LD, only with different activation conditions and no defense reduction. Offers better offenses than LD3, but less than LD4.
Biggest downside to this option is that the only fodder I have is a single +ATK Sothis and a +RES Fallen Kamui that I’ve invested in. DC and Null-Follow invested in. I’m not too keen to fodder either, honestly; but Sothis does also offer Time’s Pulse, if I absolutely must.


I would go option 1 or 3, and as for C Skill, you could run Spd Smoke so she can guarantee 40% reduction on enemy phase without compromising her bulk