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I’ve just recently gotten the CC Manual within the Fates Path (and by that, I mean about a few minutes before posting this), and now I’ve been stuck on who to give it to.

The first two I thought to give it to was Winter Jaffar & Kronya. Jaffar, since I gave him Vengeful, and along with his weapon can heal off most attacks. Kronya, on the other hand… is self explanitory.

Who should I really give it to? Or is there someone else who could potentially be even better than themv


Saizo, Matthew, Broadleaf Fan users, Kronya, or W!Jaffar (or W!Cecilia) are good users of it.

As far as who should get it, that’s largely dependent on their build and what you’re wanting.


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Ah god dammit. I never seem to get that right…


All good. All I ask for is an honest attempt and that’s what I saw.



Are you building them, or are they already built? I wouldn’t just throw it away if you aren’t considering max +10 investments. Kronya seems like the safer option, but again depends if you are actually building her.

I would say a colorless bow or dagger over anything else - that largely depends on who you are building. If you are building a blade mage, they’d be a good user of it as well.

FINAL: Do not just throw away because you got it. Need to focus on a building someone fully before spending this.

Also also, congrats, I just got my CC yesterday in H! Xander as well. Though I’m not in a rush to spend it as I have a few options I’m still going through. For me it’s between Brunnya, Matthew (still on the fence whether to build or not), OG Henry. But just planning to hold onto it until the next Astra mythic is released. Because it better be a ranged one finally.

CC is probably the rarest old skill in the game, only on seasonals, legendary Chrom and Takumi, so I can’t recommend giving it to anyone you don’t plan on merging up. So unless you plan on merging Kronya or Jaffar, just wait and give it to someone else.

Of those two, I say Kronya. On top of being colorless, her Atk isnt much less than Jaffar’s, her weapon will give Atk to the point where she does have more Atk than Jaffar, and she is unique among daggers for being able to run a Vantage effect and Special Spiral for constant Glimmers or Moonbows (or Ruptured Skys if you’re feeling spicy).

If you’re looking for other suggestions, Matthew is probably the best option that doesn’t cost Grails. He gets an insane amount of damage with Spy’s Dagger refine. He really shines with support tho so that’s something to consider.


Well here’s a maxed out basic kronya build if you need a reference. She’s really good and I use her in mjolnir strikes and also tempest trails when I’m lazy.

I gave it to kronya personally, with her prf and savage blow on her c and s slot she is pretty good

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