Close foil on f!Julia?

I’ve been using f!Julia a lot recently, and she’s very busted. Only weaknesses are positioning and her defense since she gets doubled a lot. So would close foil be a good option for her? Close foil covers all defense physical units besides adaptable dragon units, who are taken care of by her B skill. Is her defense high enough at 34 (17 base, 4 from seal, 2 from B skill, 6 from tome, and five if I add close foil) to make good use of it? She already has crazy nuking power so I’d probably replace her special with Sol or Noontime.


Also is spendthrift and rally atk/def+ too valuable to give up for a interesting build like this?

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For arena or for AR or both?

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I was thinking arena, but out of curiosity would this be viable in AR? I probably would have to use support but the problem is Lucina can’t be used since Julia is a tome user and her spacing issue, however cordon could be an option but then it’d either be hones or drives

can’t give any advice as to arena.

for ar, it is definitely more than viable in astra, and she benefits from close foil more than almost everyone else if you’re using her on offense, as well as from naga’s def boost, although she would still benefit a lot from pulse smoke. i would build her as a mixed phase unit rather than as a pure supertank and would pair her with a dancer to player phase two units before needing to tank anything. she could easily one-shot most debuffed defense units.

on defense, it wouldn’t really have a place.


Well you could give her Close Foil and help her survive
But remember that she is mainly a PP unit and will usually one shot everything (unless you’re B!Ike) without the worry of getting hit
So yes you can give it to her for her survivability against physical attacks but its best for her to stick to what she’s good at imo
Which is destroying anything magic related
Maybe when the inevitable Close Ward is released you could give her that


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No idea. This seems like something that happens every day now.


are we not gonna talk about this being in PM Q&A instead of feh Q&A

Yeah probably. If you already have a fully-buily arena core, then you don’t really need the dual rally+. Spendthrift bow on the other hand is essentially a much better guard bow and EXTREMELY powerful. It is - at the very least - something you really want to think hard about first before passing up on

Give her both CF and the rally +. CF is just like CC or DC in that it’s a single skill. So you can fodder that AND the rally +.

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Absolutely not. A +2 F-Julia is a very poor Arena scorer. She’s fine as a bonus unit, but the instant her bonus season is over, you’ll have wasted that expensive fodder on a unit with both low BST and is extremely hard to merge. Merges are the most important factor in Arena scoring.

L-Julia is also strictly better in Arena than F-Julia because her Pair Up ability grants her the same scoring as a 175 BST unit so she doesn’t have to run a Duel skill in her A slot, and even then, she needs to be fully merged to reach her full scoring potential.

I think Close Foil is fantastic for Fallen Julia, if you’re building around that. It’s definitely better than vanilla CC, since she’s not afraid of dragons, and really wants the added defense. That said, I run both base Julia and Fallen Julia as a form of Close Counter build, and from my experience the trouble isn’t in mitigating damage, it’s in avoiding doubles.

Julia’s going to take damage. Even with Close Foil, Light and Dark, her tome effect, and a seal all working to buff defense, she’s going to take real damage from opponents with a reasonable attack stat. It’s rarely going to be a one-shot, but if they double it’s almost guaranteed to be a one-round KO. Team support would be required, but if you wanted her to be a bit more self-sufficient with the skill, you’d likely want +Speed and Steady Posture 2 on the seal. The slight reduction in damage output won’t be that noticeable with her ability to guaranteed double.

That said, as an Arena unit, it’s really going to depend on two things: how high you’re aiming to place, and whether you’re aiming to +10 her. If you’re not going to get her to +10, wouldn’t recommend. If you are, then she does okay. Light and Dark lets her score at 750 with a 300SP skill. For comparison, that’s on par with a 170BST unit like Young Minerva. If you’re aiming for Tier 20.5, then she’ll probably do just fine. If you’re aiming to maintain Tier 21, then you probably want someone who scores better than her.